Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Beach Cottage Weekend

David and Bentley and I decided to run off for a little beach cottage weekend.
The weather was cold and windy and rainy, but we didn't mind at all
because being close to the sea is always rejuvenating no matter what the

Here is the little cottage we rented.  So cute!  I love the combo of yellow
and blue with white trim.  Just looking at it makes me smile.  Let's go
inside ….

Right next to the door is this cute yellow distressed vintage stand that holds
a wooden tray with the appropriate reminder to unwind.  Not that we needed to
be reminded because we were already starting to relax.

This cottage is a studio with one fairly large room that includes a
kitchenette, a queen size bed, a sofa/bed, dining table and a bath.
Here is the kitchen.  Love those blue cabinets.  A great pop of color.

Fun wicker and glass table and chairs.

A cute little fridge and a charming mirror.  Don't you think that 
appliances look cuter in a small size?  I sure do.  Love the white
washed paneling too.  Very beach cottage chic.

This is an adorable mini dishwasher in a drawer.

What could be cuter?

Here is the bed.  It was so comfy it was really hard to get up in the
morning.  And also great spot for a nap.

Fun and cheerful bedding too.

The sofa/bed and the all important TV.  At least it's important to
David.  He always has to watch some golf on the weekend.

The darling bathroom.  

Love the distressed periwinkle blue wainscoting.  Nice touch.

And a cute shower curtain too.

Here is the private deck off the cottage.  It over looks the bay.

And the deck is also right off the pool too.  Not that we could go swimming, but
maybe next time.

So there you have it.  We had a wonderful weekend.  Relaxing, 
refreshing and a chance to catch up with each other and Bentley
was with us the entire time so he had fun too.  Oh, and Bentley met 
the most adorable female Yorkie named Winnie.  He just couldn't 
stop giving her kisses.  Puppy love :-)

Big Relaxed Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Looks so much like the little yellow cottage John and I had leased for a month last year. Had to cancel at the last minute because of John's emergency surgery. I know it was so good to get away for a few days. Glad you relaxed and that Bentley enjoyed his visit with his lady friend! Cute cottage.


    1. I remember that. I hope you can rent that cottage this year. It would be a good holiday for you.

  2. How cute! That's about the size place I'd love.

    1. I thought of you over the weekend. Yes, it would be great for you. I was surprised at how comfortable it was for two adults and a pup. The only thing that I would change is finding a way to add more storage. All the windows made it feel bigger too.

  3. Hi Susan The little cottage is so sweet. Glad and Bentley had a great relaxing weekend.

  4. I love it soo cute ! Looks like a lovely place to vacate to ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. It was a perfect place. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love this little cottage! I love a small little place and the beach is always wonderful even in winter to me!

  6. Glad you had a fun get away. Cold, wet, and grey here. I could use a sunny beach retreat!

  7. Sweet little cottage just to bad it was cold

  8. The cottage is darling! And that bed is sooo inviting.

    How nice that all of you, including Bentley, had a lovely time.

  9. Ohh so cute cottage!! I have painted similar colors in my "lake" cottage yellow and blue and I just love it! Please come link up to my party CPW (Centerpiece Wednesday) and share this post with us!


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