Friday, February 27, 2015

Bentley's Spa Day

It's never easy giving Bentley a bath.  One would think by the look
on his face that he was being punished.  He hates it.  So in effort
to make the experience more pleasurable for him, I created a spa
retreat.  He's still not buying it :-(

Of course, once the lathering and rinsing is complete and he is
bundled up in a fluffy towel he will be happy once more. Then he
 runs all over the house while I clap my hands and call him a
 "clean baby".  This is followed by a treat.  I think someone is just
a little bit spoiled don't you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. What a cute picture. Yep, he might be spoiled a tiny bit.

  2. Such a sweet picture. My weiner dog, Rosie likes the bathtub, likes the blow dryer...she is crazy like that. She is the only dog I have ever had that has liked to be washed. Go figure.

  3. One spoiled but lucky fellow to have a care takerr like you.

  4. I've bathed Buddy (my chihuahua) a couple of times and he wasn't to bad but since he shakes even when he's not cold, I haven't had the heart to bathe him this winter. And let me tell you, even little inside dogs get stinky.

  5. Awww poor Bentley. You have the same look on your face as Chico when he has a bath. I know it's torture, but you must feel so much better after your bath. (((Hugs))).

  6. Susan, that is such a cute pic my heart beat wildly at it - absolutely ADORABLE. You captured it perfectly, oh how CUTE!!!!!

  7. How precious! Bentley is so cute.


  8. Mine would never sit in the tub without me holding them down.

  9. What a cute photo I see he has his rubber ducky lol . It's ok Bentley , Miggs gets the same look on her face when she has to have a bath lol Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  10. Now that's a spa day!
    Lily & Edward

  11. He's so adorable and the spa day with the candles and ducks are hilarious! We spoil our dogs!cat! Goats! The same way! Animals are beautiful creatures and God bless them all! Blessings

  12. Awww, he looks so pitiful, but at least he looks calm. That's more than I can for one of my dogs. Would he not even play with the rubber ducky? I'm not showing my dogs this picture. I don't want them to think I'm mistreating them when I bathe them!

  13. This post wins for the cutest thing I've seen in months. Holy moly, he's adorable! My Bubba hates baths too.


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