Friday, September 10, 2010

A Sad Day in Our History

September 11, 2010 is a day few of us will ever forget. Approximately 2996 lives were lost on that day when our nation was attacked. How many tears were shed on that day and how many tears have been shed since for loved ones who were lost?

In honor of those who lost their lives, I dedicate this post to their memory. I believe that Beverly and others will be posting special tributes as well. Please no compliments on this post. If you would like to share your feelings about this tragic event, I am happy to read them. I love this country so very much. I never want to see this happen to our nation again.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan,
    A very tragic remembrance, indeed. What a sad, sad day for our great nation. Dan was schedule to fly out on Sept 12th from Indy. I thank God that he was not there on that fateful day. We had just enjoyed a trip to Manhatten with my parents a few weeks before to watch the US Open tennis tournament.
    Alot of precious lives lost on that day.

  2. Will never, ever forget! I think it is always in the back of all of minds each and every day. God bless America...this land that we love!

  3. Amen, Susan. The photo is very touching.

  4. Never!!! We will be vindicated someday, honey. I KNOW this.

  5. A very sad day indeed Susan, although I'm English I too lost friends and colleagues in the WTC, the world will never forget, nor should it.

    Hugs RosieP x

  6. Today is also Patriot Day, so I choose to celebrate how much I love our country! Oh, and I really enjoyed the Jimmy Durante!
    Happy PS,

  7. Just to let you know Susan all of us Canadians were so sadden by the attacks. We all prayed, hung your beautiful flag or in most cases seen throughout our neighbourhoods was the American flag taped to everyone's windows. We all love are American cousins and stood by all of you and shared in your grief.
    May it never happen again.
    Pamela xo

  8. Forgiveness is not an easy thing..and God has truely tested us here. Stamping out "hate" is a beginning to seeing that this never happens again...anywhere in the world!


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