Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage and New Kitchen Reds

Vintage kitchen towels are so colorful and fun.

Our local Co-Op is selling these cute reproduction's of
1950's towels. They are flour sack towels that are soft
and cute too.

Just a bit of cheerfulness on this gray and rainy Wednesday morning.

I am joining Sue for Rednesday

Bentley doesn't like the rain, so he has gone back to

Susan and Bentley


  1. Don't blame him a bit! One of our dogs, Emma, would take 3 steps out of the door, survey the the puddles and the raindrops and look at us like we were sending her on the Bataan Death March. She would then turn around and head back into the dry, warm house. I have often felt the same way about the rain!!

  2. Hi Susan,
    Those are some wonderful Reds you're showing today. Also.... you are my 160th follower! Thank you for following Tranquil Acres of Alexandria... Because you are the 160th follower, you will be receiving a gift! :) Click on this link and find out what it's all about.. then, after reading, simply email me your address and your gift will be on its way... Have a great day!
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  3. Hello Susan and Bentley! How's the snow in your neck of the woods? I shoveled a path to my garden shed this morning and it's still about 2 feet deep! And it's all that icy stuff, too. I love your repro towels - they're gorgeous!

  4. I think Bentley has the right idea, that is where I would love to be. Instead, we are having a new patio door put in!!
    I could use a couple of those adorable kitchen towels for some color. I love the look of vintage in my kitchen. It reminds me of growing up, great smells and my grand mother. What could be better then fresh baked bread or something in a pot, cooking for hours. Love that post Susan, Char

  5. I love those towels!! I agree that a kitchen needs some red!!

  6. Good Morning Susan and Bentley...
    Love this beautiful share of reds today. These towels are just beautiful. Does your co-op sell these on-line per chance? If not, they should consider it, I love, LOVE these and flour sack towels are just the best ever.

    Well not imagine that, deserted by Bentley while he goes back for a few zees. Well I can't believe it, but guess what Bruiser is off snoozing as well. Ha! Ha! I guess he is getting older, I noticed yesterday that he has quite a bit of white on his little muzzle.

    Have a glorious Wednesday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  7. Gorgeous towels, and I love the little tomato timer, so sweet!

  8. Susan, I love vintage towels and your are so cute. I hope it clears up there and you get some sun.

  9. I have a kitchen towel addiction. I need intervention! Yours are too cute :D

  10. I absolutely love kitchen towels ~ it truly is an addiction. Yours are soooo cute LOVE them and the breadbox is adorable too~ ;-)

  11. I love the towel! I love that juicer on it. I have a vintage glass one, just like it!
    Bentley, wish I could nap with you on that rainy day!

  12. Bentley's a smartee....I'd do the same if I were there. Love the cute towels...the red and retro look is one of my favorites! Happy Spring Ya'll

  13. Oh I love these tea towels Susan!!
    So warm and homey for a kitchen!!

    Pamela xo

  14. Love your towels, I have some of my late mother-in-laws and I cherish them!

  15. Those reproductions are just great.

    You are right, every kitchen needs a little red!

    Happy Rednesday to all!!

  16. How I love anything red and vintage in the kitchen. Your house is so cute I just love going thru your old posts.

  17. Those are the cutest towels. I do love those old towels because they're so happy looking. I'm with Bentley. When it rains I feel like sleeping. I didn't see my face in your follower list, so I had to join!

  18. Loving the vintage look! Red is so cheerful in a kitchen. Love your Blog! xx


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