Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wow ~ Crazy for Collections!

When you visit our cottage it's no secret that we are passionate
about certain things and our collections display these passions.
Of course, there is my love of all things equestrian.
I have never outgrown my love of horses!

I have a large collection of horse prints and horse art of all forms
and of course ...
Vintage velvet helmets, boots and spurs.

And of course you will see lots of dogs everywhere too!

Bentley doesn't get jealous because he is the Top Dog around here!
And he has his own collection of stuffed dogs too.

Then there is my hubby's passion for golf.

Actually for David it's more like a religion and his temples are
Pebble Beach and Augusta!
I think that we must own every book on golf ever written.
I even serve pimento cheese during the US Open.

So while the men talk about shaving strokes off their scores
and perhaps having a snifter of port with a fine cigar ...
Let's talk about decorating, recipes and crafts and ...

Let's visit some Wednesday Parties

By the way ~ I am so grateful for cyber parties because I am
home with the flu again!!

Bentley ~ Your Daddy has mentioned bringing home a Bulldog.
What do you think about that?
I agree ~ they do snore and drool a lot!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Great display of collectibles!

  2. Oh Susan ~ I hope you are feeling better. Nothing worse than the flu ~ take care and feel better. Love your collections especially all of the little westies ~ Mindy did you see those? tee hee ;-)

  3. Hi Susan!
    I'm so sorry to hear you've been felled by the flu - my husband and I were so sick in January - hope you're feeling better soon!
    I adore all of your collections you've shared with us today, I love that you also have artwork included in your collections - you've got me all inspired!
    Happy Rednesday, feel better lickety split and a biscuit for Bentley,

  4. A fox dressed for the hunt? Priceless!


    “Oh, my goodness, oh, my dear!
    Don’t you think it’s very clear
    That a red-less day’s a drag?”
    Said Ms. Foxy Scarlet Hag.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Lazy Days

  5. Love your post! What is it about red Royal Stewart plaid that just sets ever collection off just perfectly?
    Love your pups too.

  6. I love your equestrian collection, Susan! I used to have a horse, and lived and breathed all things horsey for a while there. I hope you feel better soon, and stay clear of the bulldog drool!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. I love all of your collections.
    Hope you feel better soon..I just HATE being sick.:(
    I think bulldogs are precious but not as precious as a Bentley...:)))
    Thanks for reading me today..and thanks for going over to see Kendra.:)
    xoxo bj

  8. I enjoyed your blog and post. I have never been around horses too much. However, I enjoy watching the horse races and even had the pleasure of attending one. The race was over before I knew what was happening.

  9. What a wonderful collection you have and I love that you've included books! Makes it look so elegant! You would love visiting this part of Florida...with all of the horses here! ♥

  10. Hi Susan,

    You have very neat collections!

    Hmmm, how does Bentley feel about getting another dog?? :) I hope it all works out.

    Have a great day.

  11. Hi Susan, This is all so pretty. I love the tartan plaid and the cute dogs. I can understand the golf religion thing since my husband is afflicted with it too. Get better soon!

  12. Love your collections. Isn't interesting to see what other peoples collect. That would be a fun post. I'll have to give it some thought. Enjoyed my visit!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. oops, having problems with my comments tonight. must be this horrible headache. I love your collection, The photo of Bentley is my favorite. I had yorkies myself long ago. I found a craved coral one while trifting. most of any ink is gone around the eyes & what ever features they must of colored, so it could pass for a scotty. but I say it is a Yorkie ;) Faythe @ GMT

  15. Great collections, Susan! My husband is a golf fanatic, too. My son is a Pro.

    I hope you feel better soon...the flu is the worst.


  16. What fascinating collections. And I'm with you. All these fun holiday party blog posts with ideas and activities to enjoy are great for all of us who can't always get out and about - including those in the Sandwich Generation who are often too busy dealing with caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren to go out to parties. But this way, we can still have celebrate the holidays from home.

  17. My two granddogs are bulldogs. They absolutely snore and drool....a lot! I love your equestrian collection and I'm crazy about that plaid. This is my favorite kind of cottage style.

  18. Sorry to hear you are ill, Susan! Hope you are feeling better soon! Love all your beautiful goodies!

  19. I hope you get better soon, but at least you have your lovely collections to look at! I love all the animal collections!

  20. Oh i like your reds. Happy Rednesday. See you.

    Mine is here

  21. This collection is right up my alley. I especially love the Scottie prints, of course.

  22. You have some wonderful collections. I love them!

  23. Great collections!!! I fully understand the golf addiction. We MUST have egg salad sandwiches during Masters week!!! :)

  24. You are a girl after my own heart! I love the Scotties I spied! We have several equestrian collections around here, too, with two girls showing Saddlebreds and one hunter-jumper. I am LOVING this post! :D

    Ricki Jill

  25. Love your displays Susan! I love anything horses too. We call Pilot our minature horse!!

    I can't believe you have the flu again! Tell Bentley to take good care of you.
    Does David really want a bulldog? They are cute the French ones are adorable! The Vet I used to work for raised Frenchy's and Rottweilers...what a combo! But both adorable!

    Get well soon!!

    Pamela xo

  26. Me, too. I stopped riding about 4 years ago. Not because I wanted to but because I couldn't keep up with my horse any more (not in the city) and she is now at a barn near Mount Vernon teaching little girls how to ride. Although most of my house is white, shabby chic with splashes of pink, I do have a living room where my helmet is propped up on the fireplace, my boots and riding crop sitting nearby and a lifesize figure of the same Mr. Fox that you have on the fireplace ledge looking very handsome in his hunt colors.

  27. Great equestrian vignette and my hubby used to play golf weekly. Now he works on old cars. Thanks for joining WUW.


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