Friday, June 10, 2011

Bentley the Hunter

Here's Bentley
Look at that sweet face,
But ...

Don't let that sweet face fool you!
He is always on the lookout ...

Even while on a bicycle ride with his Mama,
He is busy looking for invaders to his territory.

He's looking in the garden to the left and to the right.

Even while wearing Mardi Gras beads ~ he is on the lookout.
Sadly, Bentley caught his first squirrel today. The squirrel had
a broken leg and Bentley caught him as he was sliding down a tree
in our yard.  In a way, it was a blessing because the squirrel would
have died a long painful death.  

But I still felt sad, so I read 
 "Squirrel Nutkin" by Beatrix Potter to 
Bentley and explained that the sweet little squirrel
is now in squirrel heaven.  

When his Daddy came home from work he said ~
"Good boy".  Then gave him a treat.

I just don't get that macho mystique!

And I think that Bentley feels very proud of himself!

How can I undo years of terrier breeding??

Susan and Bentley


  1. Aww...He was just performing his duty as lord of the yard!
    I have had cats plop dead birds and fieldmice onto my lap...and had to refrain from screaming and jumping up in disgust/sorrow. Miaw (that was her name, chosen by my then 3 year old) was "paying her rent" and doing what her instincts told her!
    Poor Bentley! He just wants momma to be proud!

  2. Bentley is just so sweet and thanks so much on sharing your thoughts on Mixpod. i will look into it!


  3. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen, except for Ben of course, lol!


  4. You can't help but love that sweet little face. I don't think I could have touched that dead squirrel. Were you brave too? Or, did you leave it for the hubby?

  5. Susan, I fell in love with Bentley the minute I hit blogland a year ago. Somehow I think it has something to do with your creativity shining through in the way you narrate your posts---just love it!

  6. He is a little tiger! the squirrel was probalby almost as big as him! the pic in the basket of the bike....was he asleep or just playing possom?? hhmmm

  7. I can tell that Bentley is a fierce wee beastie! I was looking at your fun summertime header....does Bentley like to go camping?

  8. Oh Bentley ~ what is your Mommy going to do with you and your daddy. Susan, there is nothing to do with the "terrier" in them. Mindy is the same ~ on with the hunt ~ Have a great weekend ~ hugs to you and Bentley ;-)

  9. Awwwww...what a hunter you are Bentley. I agree though..the poor squirrel would have been suffering with that broken leg. So, Bentley was just helping out! :)

  10. Bentley,
    We know, you were just doing your job. Cocoa and Theo are on patrol, too. Tell Momma, I have a wicker basket on my Schwinn cruiser, too!

  11. What a terrific hunter he is. I am not a friend of the squirrels here because they drink the hummingbird nectar and eat wild bird seed. They can be amusing but cause me loads of trouble. ♥O

  12. Such a cute story. The guys are just too macho sometimes with our babies. Bentley is ADORABLE.
    Come visit my blog and meet my baby, Toby.

    Til next time...
    God bless you.

  13. Oh I'm sorry! I know it's just his nature but I'm glad it didn't happen in my yard! All of the dogs we've ever owned have been herding breeds. They don't kill anything, they just runn them to ground and corner them! Much less traumatic all!

    And hubby should have to bury the victim, because that's a job for a Macho Man!! :)

  14. Oh Susan, you and Bentley are just sooo cute! I just want to know if Bentley sits still for story reading time. My neighbor's cat used to bring his kills to my door frequently. My neighbor said it was because he liked me. I wanted to be a little less liked by that cat! laurie


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