Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Own Little World

Sometimes when the news of the day gets just too depressing ~
I like to escape to a little world of my own making.  I just finished
working on this miniature wing chair for my dollhouse.
It's a mock up ~ I will be making another and correcting the 
mistakes I made on this one.

A wonderful feeling is when you find yourself in that creative zone
where time seems suspended and you are lost in the moment.

I don't believe a pharmaceutical company has ever created a pill 
that mimics that wonderful feeling when you are creating something just
for the pleasure of it.  For me it is shear bliss!

What should we make next Bentley?

Susan and Bentley


  1. Adorable. Love the saddle shoes.

  2. Oh I agree, there are some days i say to myself "I am not watching the news tonight!"

    I think I want to go play with my Barbie's now!

  3. So sweet and in red and white too. My favorite.

  4. Susan,\ Wow...that is so cute...I didn't know you had a blog...Love your blog...I have to put you on my follower' list...Thanks for sharing...Your little chair is a the slippers Have a great day Kathy

  5. The chair is darling and the tiny balls of yarn are so sweet! Squeeze Bentley for us. Joe is talking about getting a dog!

  6. Susan!
    This is adorable! I see no need for revision.
    Keep it the way it is... it is perfect!

  7. It's so adorable and I love your little dollhouse setting!
    I know just what you mean about creating!
    I was sorry to read of the tragic murder you posted...the poor family!
    I hope they will be able to find some peace eventually.

  8. The Redhead who lives here and loves all tiny things gave this one a big "OHHHHHHHHH!" I would say that is a perfect "10"!

    It is beautiful. Do you ever sell minis? :)

  9. I love it and have recently told Mr Op that I want a doll house - he just gave me that look:)


  10. oh the good old days will we all think these are the good old day.

  11. The little wing chair is so sweet! I love all your cute doll furniture! Stop by when you get the chance. I'm having a little giveaway at Garden Of Daisies.

  12. I have a dollhouse just waiting for a makeover. Your wing chair is just delightful. Beautiful work.

  13. How perfect! Thanks for sharing, I needed that tonight. But now I'm jealous. I want a dollhouse of my own. I'll have to work on that.

  14. Love this Susan!! Especially those tiny shoes and Gracie on TV!! Along with your music selection - just a wonderful little moment of escape and bliss visiting you!!
    I picked up a sweet dollhouse about seven years ago and started to collect the furnishings, but was never able to make a complete project of it as work got in the way! Imagine that!
    Have it all in a spot in the basement in the hopes I'll get to it - someday.
    Miss Kathy

  15. When it all gets too much for me I weed. I can weed for hours, and it transports me.

  16. I just bought a dollhouse kit..ok..two years ago. These are so sweet. I have all this furniture picked out...but boy, are those minitures!
    Tell Bentley hello for Mel...:)

  17. So cute! Love the way you have the shoes positioned. Looks like you got up for a minute and will be right back. :)

  18. I absolutely agree, it is therapy ten times over. lovely blog :)


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