Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Have You Been Doing?

Have you remembered to keep the child within alive?

Have you taken a few moments each day to give thanks
for your blessings?

Have you given back to your neighbors and your community?

Yesterday my husband and I attended the funeral for the father of
a dear friend of ours.  This man came to Idaho all the way from 
Colorado on a pack mule in 1936!  He eventually settled in Ontario, Oregon,
homesteaded, married and raised seven great kids.  He used his God given talents to
prosper his own family and to continually give back to his country and his
 community.  He never took no for an answer and enriched the lives of
many by his service to others.

A life well lived.  

I am reminded to be hopeful, be of service to others and to be thankful.
Time is fleeting ~ make the most of each moment.

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Very nice Susan! And yep, the 3 year old in me is alive and well:@)

  2. Beautiful tribute. May his sul rest in the hands of Jesus.
    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. I love this.
    the tiny tea sets are adorable. and we all need to remember to live WELL.

  4. It seems like we are so much weaker than older generations. We want everything now and fast and easy and for nothing if possible. Makes us weak. Sounds like a wonderful man and a life his family is proud of. A good reminder. Thanks!

  5. A great story - and wonderful reminder to leave a Godly legacy behind us. Your child's tea set is precious - a mark of the child within we should all strive to keep alive.
    Miss Kathy

  6. What a sweet thing for you to do, paying a tribute to your friend. I love hearing stories from those older than me. They have so many interesting things to share.

  7. Hi Susan... Now, that's a great message. :-) What an awesome man you've described... My sympathies to you and his family.


  8. yes, we start to understand that each day. Tomorrow my sister in law is having surgery for ovarian cancer, Luckily she will having it where I work.

  9. Susan ~ how true, your post has rung a bell with me once again... What an awsome reminder that life is so short and we should give as much as we can TODAY. ;-)

  10. I have been *worthless* because I have been getting over a nasty stomach virus! Bentley would no longer be my friend if he could have seen me!!!

    This is a fantastic post, by the way. I am over here catching-up on your blog.

    Ricki Jill


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