Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Morning Sleepyhead!

Good Morning Sunshine!
Are you ready for some breakfast out on the deck?
It's not too hot yet, just perfect for sleepyheads.

Would you like some steel cut oatmeal?
I love the flavor and texture of this long cooking oatmeal ~

How about a cup of coffee from this cute little vintage perculator?
How do you like your coffee ~ black, cream, cream and sugar?
I remember when I lived in NYC ~ a "regular coffee" was coffee
with cream, but I personally take mine black.

I love these blue transferware dishes.  It's Avondale by Royal
Staffordshire.  The pattern just makes me smile!

Enjoy your coffee while I get your oatmeal.  Bentley will entertain
you with some of his toy flinging tricks.

Joining ~

Stop back later this evening.  We will be serving summer 

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan,

    That is my favorite oatmeal. I would be glad to share a bowl of oatmeal and coffee with you and Bentley. Hope you have a wonderful day and give Bentley some loving from me.


  2. Lovely photos, Susan! And I LOVE steel cut oats...just bought some cinnamon creamed honey at the flea market for mine!

  3. I love steel cut oatmeal and your dishes I like my coffee with cream pleas.

  4. I had to google 'steel cut oatmeal' as I'm not sure that we have it in Australia. I enjoy 'porridge' for breakfast so I'm sure I will enjoy your oatmeal. Lovely photos and setting.

  5. Would be a pleasure having breakfast with you. I will take my coffee plain, hot and black.

  6. I'm so bourgeois, I've never had anything but Quaker Oats! I never knew there was another choice (except for instant, which has never seemed worth trying!) Guess I need to expand my horizons!

    Oh, even tho that's a darling little coffee pot, do you think I might have tea instead?

  7. I love that blue transferware! Anything would taste great if served in it. Mimi

  8. I love those blue transferware dishes - I am such a sucker for blue and white dishes! I'll take my coffee with Truvia (I carry it with me, no worries!)and some cream, please. ;-)

  9. What glorious transferware. Great to have you being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Sorry to be so late in getting to visit.

    - The Tablescaper

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