Friday, November 25, 2011

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin!

I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  We did!
Last night the kitchen was cleaned up and the china and silver safely
stored in the hutch.  And now ...

One of my favorite days of the year!  No, I'm not fighting the crowds at the mall!
But I am starting to pull out the Christmas decorations.  I have been itching to do
that, but I hold off until the day after Thanksgiving because I love to savor the 
specialness of each holiday!

Of course, I might run over to a few of my favorite antique shops to see if there is
something special to add to this Christmas holiday decorating!  Which reminds me ...

Tomorrow has been designated Small Business Saturday.   Please go visit the
independent shops in your area.  These small shop owners work hard to compete
with the big box stores and they often have such lovely merchandise and are
really happy to deliver great customer service.  Remember Kathleen Kelly's "The
Shop Around the Corner" in the movie "You've Got Mail"?  What a charming
shop that was and it was staffed with really knowledgeable people.

So there's your assignment ~ shop the small independent shops too!

So now that there are lots of leftovers in the fridge, a nip is in the air, and I
am all excited about decorating ~ I will leave you with this.  I have been 
dreaming of decorating my Mom's solarium all in pink and green for Christmas.
She does not know about this yet, so it will be a big surprise for her.  I will be
sharing it all with you each Pink Saturday in December!  In fact, I am headed
over to link this post up to Beverly's Pink Saturday and to visit the other
party goes to see their Christmas decorations!

In answer to your questions ~ yes Bentley had turkey yesterday!  He's 
napping right now but he will soon be helping me (watching me) bring the
Christmas decorations down from the attic.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan. Oh, looks like you have some very pretty vintage ornies! Can't wait to see your home all decked out! I'm trying to decorate for Christmas too today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Susan, I love all these ornaments! I am packing away the little bit of autumn I had around and doing dusting and cleaning before putting up Christmas stuff. I can't wait to see the solarium. xo

  3. Cant wait to see all those beautiful pink decorations in the solarium ! I am a new follower just trying to get caught up with all my fb friends that have blogs ! Happy decorating hugs lilraggedyangie

  4. Amen to small business day! I would rather go to one than a box store any day of the week.
    Had to work today...see if I am up to putting the Fall decorations away so I can start Christmas decorating tomorrow!

  5. So glad Bentley had his turkey too! I am loving your pretty pink ornies! Gorgeous! Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment. Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


  6. I'll take all those pretty pink vintage ornaments!!! LOL! I'm always on the search for more and more and they are getting harder to find, but I'll keep trying.

    Glad that you and Bentley had a great Thanksgiving.


  7. HPS!

    Love these pink ornaments! Very Old World looking...


  8. Susan ~ I just love all of your vintage pink decorations. Give Bentley a big big hug for me. Thank you for everything...I will start decorating soon.

  9. Hi, Susan! Your pink ornaments are so pretty. Yes, I like to savor each holiday, too. I just love the holidays and the excitement in the air.

    Happy Pink to you,

  10. You have some beautiful pink vintage Christmas ornaments! I love pink and I love vintage. I haven't got my tree up yet but I have some pink ornaments to put on it too. Have a nice weekend. Pamela @ playingwithmycamera

  11. Simply gorgeous dearie! I love love love ChristmaS!!!!!

  12. Hi Susan! I am like you, I do not like to rush each special holiday. Each in its own time. I just started some of the decorating on the porch today and will slowly get the house all done up and pretty for Christmas! Not too much, though!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you!

  13. Enjoyed seeing what you are dragging out of your decorations. I am not into the decorating spirit, but almost finished with my shopping.

  14. Very pretty and blingy ornaments! Have fun decorating. I can't wait to see what you do at your mother's!


  15. Very pretty!!

    Barbie and Ken, please come and see. Have a great weekend.

  16. Hello Bentley and Susan
    What pretty pink Christmas bulbs and I love the Santa.
    Enjoy Pink Saturday!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  17. Gorgeous pink ornies, I can't wait to see it all! I guess Bentley is helping out too! I still miss my Ben (Pug 13 yrs.) he died last year and my grands are here, so they say that Bne's bootie is for their little toy chihuahua, she's Chloie. I just need to add some details and I'll be ready for posting, so come over and see last year's look for the meantime. Happy Hollidays. FABBY

  18. Love those ornaments. So true about small businesses. I like it when the shop owners know my name. Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. I am so with you on the black Friday tradition of not shopping but decorating. I love the old pink Christmas bulbs...another one of my favorites. Also I totally agree with your shop small business philosophy. Great post and photos, its all just perfect. Look forward to following you each Saturday on your Pink Christmas quest.

  20. Hi Susan and Bentley, I love your pink ornaments you shared today. I know your mom's pink and green solarium will be stunning. I used the same heading as you did today. RE: Let the Christmas Decorating Begin. Great minds...Smile.

    I will do my best to visit the independent small shops tomorrow. Thanks for the sweet reminder. My Cheri' (small poodle) had turkey yesterday too. What would we do without our darling pups?
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  21. I love the vintage pink ornaments - so beautiful! I wish I could get out to some of my favorite shops today for Small Business Saturday but I'm not allowed to drive yet. :-( Hopefully I'll get the go ahead on Monday and then I'll be able to see what's out there and get some fabulous gifts!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  22. Hi Susan
    I was visiting Sweet Cottage Dreams reading the post where she asked what your favorite line in a movie is. I LOVE You've Got Mail too and I know most of the lines from it. I always cry at the end when she finally sees who Tom Hanks really is and she says, "I was hoping it would be you."
    Your pink ornaments are beautiful.

  23. I so loved that movie too. I think your pink baubles are so pretty. xx j

  24. I love the vintage pink ornaments. I got my decorations out this weekend and started...but haven't gotten too far yet. lol

  25. Lovely pink ornaments and goodies!!
    I love that movie " You've got Mail"!!



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