Monday, January 9, 2012

Adding Elements for My Creative Space

Yesterday I showed you the 25 cent bookends I found at a thrift shop.  I have
since painted them and did my best to preserve the vintage decals because I
just love to preserve those bits of nostalgia.  

Since I want my creative space to be feminine, I am adding two vintage floral prints 
framed in the loveliest (well at least I think so) shade of green.  I love the square
frames too.  So I have a way to keep some books in place and a couple of
prints and I have also added a sweet little demitasse cup that is holding my
miniature African Violet ~ which unfortunately is not blooming at the 
moment.  I hope it will be soon as I watched a youtube lesson on caring 
for these little gems and am following the instructions faithfully, so fingers

It's really fun putting all of this together and what makes it even more
satisfying is that I am using what I already have.  Every creative work space
needs a chair ~ so that's what I'll be showing you next time.

I am joining

Bentley ~ should Momma slipcover your bed since it's going to be 
right next to my desk?

Susan and Bentley


  1. Everything looks so pretty! The bookends are great, as are the floral prints. I agree with you, the green frames are a lovely color. I think the violet in the demitasse cup is sweet!

  2. very sweet bookends. and a great container for your violet.

  3. I LOVE the bookends!! Can't wait to see the new and improved dog bed!!


  4. Looking good! This is a great idea for bookends, Susan. ~ sarah

  5. and you put things together so well -always a pleasure to visit! hi Bentley...

    Karen and Krumpet

  6. Hi Susan and Bentley! I was so happy to see you didn't paint over the decals! They look prettier now, soft and feminine. I love your floral prints, I am a collector of those! Love 'em! Can't wait to see the little african violet as it grows into it's teacup! Deanna

  7. Nice job on the bookends! As for your teacup African certainly looks healthy! So whatever you learned in the youtube lesson must work! The cup makes a nice little planter. If you don't mind telling me, what did you do to provide drainage?? Any kind of drilling seems like it would crack the china!

  8. I love the bookends. They are too cute, and I like that you painted them.

  9. I love that you saved the decal on the bookends. Those framed prints are lovely. Sweet teacup with your plant...good luck with it...mine always died, Ijust don't have the African Violet touch. hugs, Linda

  10. The bookends are nice, and so are the framed prints. What I really like though, is your wee violet in the tea cup!

  11. Your shabby bookend is absolutely amazing. I love it.

    Happy TTT.

    Greetings from STockholm,


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