Monday, January 30, 2012

Bentley's Weekend Update

Hi ~ It's Bentley with a Weekend Update.
No ~ it's not your computer ~ it's me.  I am feeling fuzzy!
Momma and my Grandma kept me busy all day yesterday.
A couple of weeks ago they knocked down a wall between my
Grandma's kitchen and her dining room to create an "open concept".
Well ~ I don't care about that, I was only concerned about the treaties
my Grandma keeps in the kitchen, but she assured me they are fine and
gave me two of them just to prove it.  

What a relief!!!

Yesterday Momma and Grandma were moving furniture and working
on some kind of a pattern to put a slipcover on a pair of French 
chairs.  I don't know why they did this.  There was a lot of pushing and
shoving and carrying of furniture and lamps and mirrors and more stuff.

Of course I had to supervise!

But a guy gets tired so I went into the study and curled up in my
Daddy's lap.  We watched golf.  But, I still had to keep track of my
Momma and Grandma, so I had to get up several times.

Well, that was my Sunday.  Now I am feeling fuzzy and need to
power nap.  I hope those squirrels can keep quiet for a while!

Lots of Love and Puppy Dog Kisses,


  1. Gosh Bentley, you did have a rough sunday.. Rest sweetie and maybe Mom and Grams will let you get some rest..:)

  2. Bentley's like my dogs.... Find the person doing the Least amount of work and hang out with them! Sounds like a busy,busy weekend. XO Cindy

  3. Oh Bentley you are so cute..You remind me of my little granddog Teddy!!!

  4. Glad your weekend was is sunny and warm here today so I am sunning myself on the backporch today, in between chasing squirels.

  5. I want Bentley's life. Grandma, snacks, naps. Sounds wonderful.

  6. Bentley, I am with you and firmly believe in naps.

  7. Hi Bentley! Miss Penny says hi too! She had it just as rough, and now she is all curled up in my chair..well, she thinks it's Her chair of course. She just shares it with me. I'm glad it's nothing serious, I started to think you may have eaten some plaster or something when you started talking about knocking down walls! Nothing a power nap can't fix! Have a great doggie day! ~Deanna and Miss Penny

  8. Bentley,
    You poor thing! Tell Momma you need more treats!!! Do you stand or sit at the cabinet where they are kept like Cocoa and Theodore? Also, tell Momma we need pics of the renovation at Grandma's!

  9. Bentley, sorry you are having to deal with all that noise and dust. Find a cozy spot and keep on napping.

  10. Bentley ~ you are soo cute ~ Mommy and Grandma are doing things to make Grandma's house beautiful so that when you visit you can have MORE fun. I am sure Mommy and Grandma loved that you supervised. You're such a big help ;-)
    PS napping on Daddy's lap is a good thing

  11. Bentley, It's a very good idea to stay out of the way when walls come tumbling down!! You could get all covered with dust and gritty stuff and you know what that would mean.... Bathtime!! So run, hide, and stay very very quiet!


  12. Oh Bentley, you are a little darling. Human kisses back to you.
    xx Auntie jeanetteann

  13. You sure have a cute supervisor there!

  14. Yea Bentley, we don't EVER know what all the big whoop is when our maw converts into her decorating face. We just stay busy sleeping and hopes she doesn't find us napping on the back of her new furniture. ha.

    Love ya man,

    Doogie and Fee

  15. I'm glad your Grandma kept your treats safe. Sounds like she's looking out for you. Hope you had a restful nap.

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