Monday, February 6, 2012

Losing Google Friend Connect

So many bloggers seem to be in a state of panic because google friend connect 
seems to be going away.  I have read conflicting reports as to the validity of this
event, but regardless, it is causing some discontent among the blog community.

Am I only valued based on the number of "friends" I have
accumulated?  I hope not.

I am here to entertain, to be creative, to meet others.  I have never approached
blogging as a competitive sport.  I sincerely enjoy meeting those who
share my interests.  

If google connect goes away, I will not disappear.  I will continue to
blog even though others cannot display their affection for my little blog.
And I will continue to visit other bloggers and catch up on their lives.

Google friend may one day be only a distant memory, but the friendships
we have made through blogging will remain.

I have loved being invited into your lives and have so enjoyed you
being a part of mine!

Bentley does too!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I feel the same. There is a little worry that I won't be able to find all my favorite blogs quite as easily as I do now.
    Today my entire blog was shut down - removed, according to blogger. All I could think of was that it would hard to find all my favorites.

  2. I echo your warm sentiments about the fun and friendships we find here, blogging. I blog using so will I keep following all the blogs that also use with no problem? I certainly wouldn't be able to find all of you again, if my follow list disappears and that would be sad.

  3. Hi Susan! I do hope all of this gets straightened out. My fear is not being able to find some of my favorite blogs as easily. I know I visit and comment on blogs that never return my visits, but I don't care! Just like Terra, I do hate to loose my list.
    Lovely snaps today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I keep wondering what all is actually going away. If just tbe little follow gadget, well I can survive that - but I really rely on the blogs followed list on my dashboard, is that going away too?

  5. Oh I hope that doesn't happen,I couldn't bare to not visit you all. I have written down most of the blogs I follow,but the list is getting so long,i think I have missed writing some down. I do rely on the little list and preview that appears on my dashboard.
    x jeanetteann

  6. Well said but it is hard to not look at your list of "friends" and then look at others.
    I hope it does not go away but if it does I will continue to blog.
    I hope you have signed up for my giveaway
    I love the violets so sweet.

  7. Hi Susan and Bentley.

    Thank you for your lovely post - I agree with everything you said - I started my blog to share the joy and inspiration of my art and will not stop blogging if the followers button goes away.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. I'm not really bothered about numbers but I use google reader and by following a blog it syncs automatically to that. If we loose the followere opttion I'll have to subscribe manually and that can take a while to sync. I hope it stays the same :)

    I do agree though followers and comments aren't that big a deal, just nice to know people are reading!

  9. I have never been concerned with numbers and am not competitive at all but finding my blogging friends is the issue for me. Right now I am unable to add anyone to my blog roll and that is another problem.

  10. so nicely put , you sweet thing! I could not agree more! I love to share on my blog. Having trouble getting comments to go through on my my blog, that's a pain!

    Karen & Krumpet

  11. I too recommend Google Reader. As Kelly stated, you can automatically sync your GFC followers into it. It works well, is reliable, easy, etc. It is much more organized and concise than GFC - which did not work properly for me so I dropped it a while back.


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