Friday, February 3, 2012

Key To My Heart

Years ago, before I married David, I was living in a townhouse in Houston, Texas.
I was at work one afternoon when I received a phone call that my townhouse had 
been hit by lightning and burned to the ground.  I was left with the clothes on my
back and a few items that the firemen were able to salvage.

I was devastated and had panic attacks for weeks after the fire.  Fortunately my
insurance company sent me a sizable check, so I was able to put back together
the pieces of my life. 

One of the things I purchased was this teddy bear.  I spent many nights clinging to him
because I would have nightmares about the fire.  So this little guy got me through
a rough patch in my life and he has the key to my heart.

He also gave me comfort when my car was stolen about three weeks after that fire.
It was a very rough time for me.  

Now I am married and have my own teddy bear of a husband who holds
the key to my heart.  But I still keep this sweet little bear who helped me
through a tough time and has remained with me during these happier days.

Bentley ~ you have the key to my heart too!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan,
    I'm so sad that you had to go through all that. I can't image losing everything. I am glad you had your little teddy bear to comfort you. I am also glad you met your full sized teddy bear and am happy. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Susan and Bentley, I can relate because I went through the Loma Prieta earthquake and had delayed stress for many years-every time the floor shook as a mater of fact. Glad you found comfort in your little bear and now your big bear as well as your adorable Bentley. Things can perish in a second but those we love are so dear and we best hold them near.
    Hugs today.

  3. Oh, Susan - how terrible that experience must have been for you! That bear is priceless, isn't he? To have something to cling to in the face of fear and loss - that is indeed priceless.


  4. Oh my Susan, I truly believe that God does not give us more than we can handle.....that was definitely a rough time. But I am happy that you were able to find comfort in this cute little bear, and then you met David. Blessings to you both. xo

  5. Susan I'm so happy you were not in the house. I'm so sorry you had such a terrible period of time. But so happy you found your little comforter. Now you have Hubs Bentley and your little heart warmer. You really know true happiness now.



  6. When it rained, it poured on you. Your new little bear helped you bear and making it through the pain, but so much lost never to be replaced. It is said we should not be concerned so much about material things. That is hard when it is all you have. Glad your life has taken a turn for the better.

  7. Wow. I can't even imagine that kind of stress. Such a heart-felt post.

  8. Oh my goodness, what a a rough time you had. Thank the good Lord you were at work and not at home. What a comfort your little teddy bear must have been. Thank you for sharing such a personal and heartbreaking experience. May you always have teddy bears………..

    The French Hutch

  9. Oh, so precious, the little bear. I love that you have found such a positive comfort in him. Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. What a rough time! I am so glad that little bear helped you feel more secure. Now you have your Hubby and is good!

  11. Bless you after enduring all that and how much stronger you must be now dear Susan.

  12. What a sweet post, Susan. I can't image experiencing a fire. One of my worst nightmares! Glad you were safe! I know your sweet husband and Bentley are the best of roommates. ~ Sarah

  13. What a sweet story with a happy ending! Happy PS!!

  14. ahhh, Susan, this is the sweetest story! I'm glad you have both! I like good endings!

  15. Susan, so sorry you had such a bad time here in my neck of the woods. How wonderful you're little teddy bear was there to comfort you.

  16. What a time you had! No wonder you hug that sweet teddy (and your real life teddy too) close to you!

  17. I'd hang on to the sweet little guy too, I think he brought you new luck! xoxo

  18. Wow! Amazing story. So glad your teddy was there but even better that you have a real one to hold!

  19. That was a very touching story. I can't imagine losing all of my worldly possessions.....then my car to boot! A rough time is an understatement!! It's so awesome that you have kept that sweet bear to remind you of how you, and he/her, were able to endure through the storm and survive. What a blessing that you have your very own real life teddy bear to give you comfort and love....along with your old one, of course! :)

    HPS!!!! dana

  20. I cannot even imagine you went through such a tragedy. I am not sure I would recover. What a special lady you are.
    Karen and Krumpet

  21. Happy Pink Saturday Susan, I'm so happy that you are happy now. Thanks for sharing your story, you sure did have a rough time. Your bear is so cute.
    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  22. Susan ~ what you went through as horrible as it was, made you a much stronger person. That Teddy, David and Bentley all have the key to your heart. You have come through with flying colours and an understanding that anyone can rise above terrible circumstances. I would treasure that little bear forever.

  23. As the saying goes... what doesn't kill us will definitely make us stronger! So sorry you had this happen but so happy you have overcome!

  24. I love your teddy bear. What a terrible time you had, but I'm so happy your hubby now takes good care of you, along with the teddy.
    Happy PS!

  25. Susan that is such a sweet Teddy. That was a rough time in your life. I am glad you found comfort with that little guy, who holds such sentiment for you today. You have a good man now, and so happy it all turned out in the end for you. Happy Valentines day to you.


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