Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Rosebud Tea

Although we had a very mild January, these last days of February have
brought lots of wind and gray, cold and rainy days.  I think that this year
the weather has made me feel sad.  Yesterday I stopped by my favorite
consignment shop and spotted this teapot.  It is covered in rosebuds.  The pot
has been well loved.  There are tea stains inside and there is a crack in the lid
that was repaired by it's previous owner.  The bottom is stamped Sadler England.
England and Scotland are my spiritual homes ~ the place where my heart lives.
I just knew this teapot had to come home with me.  Nothing like a bit of 
consignment store shopping to improve one's mood.

I also found this.  A little ceramic basket covered in pink flowers.  I am sure it 
was never very expensive or dear, but it still spoke to me.

And these precious little bone dishes.  I can think of many ways to use these and
the price was so low it was really hard to pass them up.  The Battenburg doilies were
on sale too.

I have had this precious rose bud covered tea cup for years.  Mom and Daddy brought 
it back for me from Victoria, BC.  I love it because it is dear and sentimental.

Of course I have to have candles.  I love little votives and am always looking
for ways to use them.

Today is another gray and cold day.  A leap year day and I am happy to be saying
goodbye to February and looking forward to spring.  I think I will put the kettle on
and initiate the new rosebud teapot.  I wish you all could join me!  Joining the
virtual parties around blog land is fun, but it would be more fun to party with all
of you in person.  

Bentley does not want to go outside and I don't blame him.  He made a 
quick trip out this morning and wanted to come right back in.  He's 
hoping that March rolls in like a lamb, but the forecast is more like a lion.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan,

    I love your teapot and all the other items. I love to find items with rosebuds. They are so traditional and special.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I have a Sadler teapot very similar to that one!!! AND, I LOVE those bone dishes!

    I made a post several years ago about bone dishes and was surprised how many comments I got from folks who had no idea what a bone dish even was!

  3. I am such a sucker for rosebuds! Your teapot is lovely, and as far as I know every pink-rosebud-covered pot I've met has had a crack in the lid(must mean they're extra-loved).
    I hope your mood improves...the doldrums have been lurking around here too.
    Time of year, time of year!
    Happy Leap Day!

  4. Sadler does make the most deliciously, girly teapots. I do hope your new finds cheer you up as you, 'take your tea'.

  5. So pretty!
    I have a teeny, tiny child's tea set that is very old. It is the same rosebud design.

  6. Don't tell us that you set out your pretty things and didn't have time to invite anyone over. That would be a shame. Does Bentley play well with visitors?

  7. I'm still in love with pink roses on china; me, too, ready for spring and flower buds. Lovely vignettes with your pink and whites.

  8. Retail therapy?! WOrks like a charm! LOL~ Sweet little pot. What tea are you pouring today? :)

  9. Thank you!
    And now I follow you :)

    Hugs, Dana

  10. I also am becoming a pink roses on dishes and pick up them when ever I can find them at my thrift store, of course they are mismatched but that is o.k Something sweet and sentimental about them.Makes you think of the Victorian era.Most romantic.

  11. Your little tea pot was a great find. The weather all over the world this year has everything and everyone off.

  12. What a precious little tea for one - I love all your new and beautiful thrifty items, and especially love your precious teacup your parents brought you when travelling.

    Just lovely.

    Happy March 1st!

  13. I would say you had a good day in spite of the gray and cold. I love the teapot-I have 2 very similar.The teacup is pretty too as well as you other treasures.


  14. I love your new teapot...isn't it fun to think about who owned and loved these pieces! Your cup from your parents is beautiful. I love this pattern! I have several pieces (mostly from ebay Canadian sellers!) I am with you...I love anything English...especially my English husband ;-)

    Your tea setting is wonderful and you can never have too many roses!!

  15. It all seems like it was meant to be together too.

  16. I was happy to recognize the Sadler teapot - they're so gorgeous! Your gray day consignment shop therapy turned out perfectly! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  17. I love roses and tea! Your teapot is chases the cold away! You bought some very pretty things. Enjoy.
    Blessings My Friend,

  18. Susan ~ love the rosebud tea pot. That little gem would have to come to home with me too~! I would love to stop by and have tea with you in person. Maybe some day ~ sigh ~

  19. Your new little teapot is just beautiful!!! Of course I just adore roses :o)
    Have a great weekend!!!

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you
    will follow me back :o)

  20. Very, very pretty! The teapot is absolutely wonderful.

  21. Very pretty teapot and table! It says Spring! It's now a piece of art! Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday at 2805!

  22. I had to laugh, as I have the matching tea cup to yours in my collection!
    Great Post.

  23. What a sweet set, very pretty. Doesn't shopping do such wonders in ones mood?....Christine

  24. Que porcelanas lindas! Adoro rosas e fiquei feliz quando vi a xícara. Trouxe recentemente de uma viagem que fiz para o Canadá uma cremeira e um açucareiro com a mesma estampa. Foi uma surpresa maravilhosa.
    Seu blog é lindo.




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