Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Into The Woods Luncheon And A Recipe

I'm taking you into the woods today for a luncheon.

I  dearly love the forest and when I saw these plates at Pottery Barn,
I just knew that they needed to come home with me.  It makes me
think of our property up in New Meadows.  

Aspen trees and Ponderosa pines.  Deer and elk.  
Mountain Blue Birds, eagles, hawks and osprey

Bears too, not that I want a close encounter with one.
I have a recipe to share with you that I hope you will enjoy.

Brown Rice, Apricot and Ginger Salad

1 cup brown rice
1/4 of small red onion finely chopped
8 to 10 dried apricots
small amount of finely grated fresh ginger
(or more to taste)
a few leaves of cilantro finely chopped
(may omit if you don't like cilantro)
2 squirts of honey
champagne or apple cider vinegar
canola oil
salt and pepper to taste

Cook the brown rice according to package directions.  
If you buy in bulk like I do, add to 2 cups boiling water,
reduce to simmer and cover for about 50 minutes.
Let rice cool.
Meanwhile make dressing by first adding vinegar followed by the 
remaining ingredients and whisking in the oil last.
Pour over rice. 

This makes a great side dish with roast chicken, or serve
it on it's own for a healthy lunch entree.  Enjoy!

Joining ~

Bentley ~ I am getting so excited about our cabin I can
hardly think about anything else!

Susan and Bentley


  1. What a lovely reminder of your wonderful times at the cabin ... I think Bentley is just as excited as you! Mary

  2. Do you go to your cabin for the holidays? Sounds like a wonderful place. Your tables ape is beautiful.


  3. Oh, those dishes are just wonderful!

  4. Love this look! The dishes are wonderful and your vintage mother of pearl flatware is gorgeous.

  5. Love those plates! Cool tag too!

  6. I totally understand why those plates HAD to come home with you...they're gorgeous! I love pretty woodland scenes like this. The place card/napkin rings are really creative, too! How nice that you get to experience the real deal when you visit your property!!!

  7. I love those plates against the wood charger...makes a beautiful winter table, Susan.

  8. Susan and Bentley, your table is soo pretty. I love those plates and was too late to pick them up! Oh wait, order them. Great table.. xo marlis

  9. sounds delicious, but I would definitely have to eliminate the cilantro :)

  10. Susan, this recipe sounds absolutely YUMMMMMY ~ I have got to try this. Your plates are just beautiful and Mr. V. would covet these ~ Wow ~ don't have a Pottery Barn in Canada ;(
    oh well, I can enjoy looking at yours ~ Bentley would you like to romp around with the deer?

  11. Such pretty dishes! Perfect for a cabin in the woods. Mimi


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