Friday, July 19, 2013

The Quick Pink Post

See ~ I told you it would be quick!  Actually, I created a slideshow of 
pinks for you on my iMac, but I could not get it to load up properly.
I guess I will have to work on that technique when I have more time.

I am pretending that moving is my favorite thing.  Maybe I can
convince myself if I continue that mantra.  Attitude is everything so
they say.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ you are pretty smart, can you figure out how to upload
mama's slide show???

Big Hugs, 
Susan and Bentley


  1. Beautiful pink dishes and pillows.
    Just think of all the great times you are going to have in your new home and the memories you will be making. Changing your decorations, moving things all around. What a great adventure and if it's to your advantage for you, husband and Bentley how great is that.
    Looking forward to seeing posting of your new home.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. That was quick and so is my comment....LOL

    Happy PS!


  3. Ok... now for a bit longer note. Love your post and hope to see the slideshow you created in a future PS. Love the pink dish you shared. Good luck with your move!


  4. Hi Susan! I have a little tea set that looks a lot like your little creamer. Hang in there, friend, it'll get done!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Your pinks are lovely, and so are YOU!

    You have a winning attitude, keep it up.

    Once you are done you will so be going "Ahhhhhhhhhh.....whew...............did it!"

  6. Pretty in pink ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. Susan your pinks are so pretty. I like them all! The little creamer is so pretty with that perfect green and pink combination.

    Blessings for your move,


  8. Such pretty things - thanks for sharing! I love the last little dish! And thanks for keeping your post actually relevant to the Link Party you's refreshing to come visit and see that it makes sense from where I came from!

  9. Very pretty pinks (and greens.) Your positive attitude is commendable, Susan. Moving sucks. Susan

  10. Lovely pinks! I don't know about you but my FACE was always pretty pink when I was packing and moving! xo Diana

  11. Pretty pinks. The wicker chair in the top photo made an interesting background. Hope you get settled very soon!

  12. Pretty always....pack them carefully. Look forward to your slideshow. Happy Pink Saturday.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Hawaii Cardstock Sticker Shocker

  13. I love the little creamer. Is it Limoges? I'm happy to be visiting from Pink Saturday!

  14. Lovely pinks, my friend. Moving is a pain in the tush, but on the other side will be your beautiful new home!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  15. Love the pinks..esp. the little creamer..Was Bentley any help?? Hope you figured it out..

  16. Happy Pink Saturday! Moving is ... well I hope it's all done and dusted soon! Happiness in your new Place.

  17. Happy pink Saturday. Lovely pics. Especially the creamer. Too cute.


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