Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moving Malaise

Whenever one moves there are so many little details to tend to.
One of the eye hooks that holds up the wire on the back of this 
picture frame came loose today.  I replaced it and then ended up
replacing the wire as well.  I was very careful because the frame
is very old and came from my great grandmother's farm in 
Pennsylvania.  I don't know what painting was in the frame 
originally, but the frame is ancient and fragile.

This sconce is fragile too.  While my Daddy was in Rome on Business
years ago, he learned of an estate sale and found a pair of these sconces.
One of candle holders is loose and I am not quite sure how to repair it.

Thankfully this cordial holder is in good shape because I am
too pooped to handle any more repairs for today.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley is quite happy.  Some of his toys were
unpacked today and it was as though he saw an 
old friend!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hope you enjoy your new home, Susan, and get some rest soon! Moving isn't an easy thing, and perhaps that's why I like to stay put! lol

  2. Such beautiful items!! Looking good!

  3. Beautiful old pieces, Susan. I guess you never think about unpacking pets' things and how they must love to see their old things, too- xo Diana

  4. Everything is looking beautiful! Maybe some sort of fine welding could fix the sconce.

  5. Yes, we must be so careful of our fragile things when we move. Beautiful mantel.

  6. Susan,
    My Granny had that same picture hanging in her living room! Of course, she did :) Take a break and pace yourself. Glad Bentley has found his toys! Love and hugs,

  7. Beautiful old pieces. Love the cordial holder so much, where is that from? I have a collection of cordial glasses. I have a little addiction to it for some reason. I think it may come from my Italian family and we drank cordials all the time. LOL! Happy Bentley is settling in.


  8. Moving can be so hard on our precious items, no matter how careful we are. I love your beautiful frame. xo Laura

  9. Where in Pa was your grandmothers farm?? had an old frame in my basement that just disintegrated when I tried to move it..

  10. Oh, Susan - it is a lot of work to pack up a household - you realize just how much you have! Just moving things from one room to another while painting has made me realize that somethings are just not going back! Somethings are quite fragile and need a little extra care - those are treasures too - I hope all goes well for you today and look forward to seeing more of the new home! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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