Thursday, August 8, 2013

Under The Texas Sun ~ The Master Bedroom

Welcome back to Victoria. Today I will be showing you the
master bedroom.  When you enter the master suite it leads 
you through a hallway that leads to both the bedroom and the
master dressing room/bath.

Here is the master bedroom.  I sent David down with a paint chip so
he could start painting the bedroom in a soft sage green before I 
arrived.  I am sure you are thinking, what is that contraption in
the middle of the room?  Well let me explain ...

That is an inversion table (at least I think that is what
it is called).   It used to be in David's office in Idaho, but
he brought it down here so that he could stretch out his back.
He took painting breaks being inverted lol.  Of course this is
not part of my decorating scheme so it will be headed to the
garage before the bedroom starts to be staged.

Knowing David as I do, he probably was inverted more 
often than painting!

The walls used to be a deep pink.  Once again, as much as I love
the color pink, it's just not the choice for me on the walls.  The drapes
are high quality but not exactly what I have in mind, but I will
keep them for a bit until I find exactly what I want.

David just started to get the paint into the dressing room.
This room is green already, but a deeper green than the one
I chose so I will carry it on.  

I love this dressing table and can't wait to stage it.  I have
fabric already to cover the stool that Elaine (the previous owner)
was nice enough to leave behind.  

Here is another closet in the dressing room.  It is such
a joy to have so much closet space in this house.  Our house
in Boise had minimal closets.  I suppose people who built
houses 100 years ago just did not have as many clothes as
we do today.

Here is the big soaking tub.  There is a hand painted mural
above.  I suppose it is meant to depict a window overlooking
Tuscany but I am going to pretend it is overlooking Provence.

It may have been painted by the previous owner because
Elaine is an artist.  I must find out for sure.

Here is the sink.  More drawers.  I am a happy camper!

Here is the walk-in shower.  It is complete with body shots, but
since I am only 5' 1" tall, the water would probably hit me
right in the eyes, so no body shots for me lol ;-)

As a side note, I have been wearing this lovely blue
on my nails all summer.  Makes me think of the beach.
Well that's it.  The mover is running behind so won't be
here until tomorrow at 8:30 am.  He is up in Cuero, Texas
right now.  So tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us!

Happily Joining ~ 

Bentley ~ we will be getting up bright and early in the am.
No sleeping in for any of us tomorrow.  But just think,
the rest of your toys are on that truck!!!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. The green is a lovely colour more calming than the pink.

  2. I love everything, Susan! The wall color is perfect and I am in love with your master bath! The windows next to the vanity mirror are a sweet touch!

    You must be so excited about the movers coming tomorrow! How is Bentley adjusting to the new place?


  3. Love the color of your new bedroom. Have to love all those closets! Use to be they would count them as rooms on your taxes so that is why some houses did not have many..along with the clothes you mentioned!
    Hope Bentley loves his new home!

  4. Susan, love the shade of green you selected. It's very serene. Hurray for lots of closets and drawers. Wish I had more!

  5. Oh Susan it's going to be so awesome when you get it all decorated! Love all the space and storage!

  6. So envious of all your closets! That dressing area will be so romantic. Fun to see what you do to Ash Tree Cottage it.

  7. Wow!! Great wall color, and love the nail polish too!

  8. Really like the green you picked out. How great that you have all those closet. How fun it's going to be decorating - can hardly wait to see it.
    Be Bentley is excited that his toys are arriving.

  9. You're making great progress. Can't wait to see it all come together! BTW, I love that vanity bench!

  10. Love all you have shown us so far...........when do we get to see storage for all your goodies <;)

    Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  11. Love the soft green. It is about the color of my dining room. It is an easy color to live with and soothing. I can't wait to see more and more and more- xo Diana

  12. What a lovely sized master! I'm envious of the spaciousness! I know you'll have fun decorating it! I've also been wearing a blue/green polish on my toes, check out my sidebar! LOL!

  13. It all looks just beautiful..
    and love that nail polish color. I just bought a bottle almost the same color....see...even OLDEN ladies like these colors..:))

  14. Love your new color of green, and wow, that shower is amazing. I'm short too, so I know what you mean about the body shots!


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