Sunday, November 8, 2015

Up To My Eyeballs in Lizards

Here I am deep into the ginger.  It's really thick and this section is waist
high.   I have to really worm my way through it to thin it out and I am
often face to face with a lizard.  It's a good thing they don't bother me
because there are times when I almost have them crawling up my arm.
Sometimes I am eyeball to eyeball with them ;-)

See that row of ginger in the background ~ it's about 7 feet tall, maybe
more.  When I am out working in this it is as though I am on one of
those reality shows out in the jungle.  But I am not naked, nor am I 
afraid.  Have you ever seen that show?  I think those people are crazy!!

I have cleaned up quite a bit so far but have not reached this little bistro
set which is currently buried in the ginger.  That's my goal for today.  It 
is the perfect day for working in the yard.  Just gorgeous, lovely and 
sunny!  I am about to slather on some sun tan lotion and slip on my
gardening clogs and head out for several hours of snipping and raking
and bagging.  I love it!!!

Don't forget, you can still enter the lighted garland giveaway.  Just leave a comment
on my Christmas Decorating Giveaway post and I will announce the winner this week.

Okay Bentley ~ let's get back to work.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You just gave me a 3 granddaughters who are all in high school and college now used to pick up the little lizards and wear them like earrings. I had all but forgotten that!

  2. Susan, you have quite a job ahead of you. Have fun in the garden and in the sun. It is quite chilly here but sunny. Enjoy your day~!

  3. My garden is full of lizards too this spring must be because Drummy is to slow to catch then and word got around.

  4. Aren't you lucky to be spending the day in the the sunshine and warmth!! It's cold and rainy here in the mountains today. Enjoy your sunshine!


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