Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mr Titmouse Stops By For Lunch

I put up a bird feeder in my backyard recently.  It is hanging from one
of the branches of a live oak tree.  This is the first time I have ever had
a bird feeder, so of course I  have been anxious to have visitors.

I searched articles about how to attract birds to a new feeder and
learned that it takes some time for the birds to discover it and that
I could help them by spreading some seed on the ground below.

So I did just that.  At first not even the squirrels noticed the feeder,
but they did eat the seeds on the ground.  Then on Sunday, a
squirrel ventured out on the limb and down the chain and
hung upside down while eating the seeds.  I wasn't mad
because squirrels need to eat too, and frankly the way that
little guy contorted himself to get the seed was just so darn cute
that I had a good laugh.

Then yesterday, Mr Titmouse decided to call.  It had been raining all 
morning.  It was a big rain storm with very dark skies and a torrential 
downpour so typical of the Texas Gulf Coast.  Suddenly the skies
began to clear and the birds and squirrels ventured out of their nests.

I let Bentley outside and while I was watching him explore his
domain, I saw Mr Titmouse fly from the porch roof to the feeder.
He was checking it out!  He discovered the seeds and would take
one and fly back to the roof and eat.  After several trips like this,
he was so sweet to pose for me.  Thank you for holding still for
a couple of pics.  I hope that you enjoyed your lunch.  Come back
and see us again!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I too have a feeder & I love watching all the little birds come & eat from it. I don't know all the species but one that comes is the stellars jay. A very pretty bird with a horrible squawk noise if it is upset. I need a book on birds from the Pacific Northwest. Time to visit my local library. Have fun birdwatching Susan.

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I need a book about birds of Texas too! The next feeder to go up in one for the hummingbirds because we have so many!

    2. Oh I just am fascinated by the hummingbirds. We get a few & they're just incredible. Did you know that their wings flap about 70 times a second & their heart rate can get up to 1250 beats per minute?

  2. Squirrels can be pretty entertaining in their efforts to get to the seeds. I love watching the different birds at my feeders. xo Laura

    1. I am hoping we have some other variety of birds too. I think I need to put in some tea cup feeders to attract the Cardinals. I understand they like to feed near the ground.

  3. They are adorable birds and your photos are beautiful!

  4. I put seed down my driveway so the wild birds don't eat Pidges seed, he can get very upset at strange birds eating his dinner.

  5. I love to watch birds reactions to feeders and how they go about finding their "own way" to eat. That is funny about Mr. Titmouse flying off to eat his seeds. Too cute. You were lucky to get pictures. xo Diana

  6. Dear Susan and Bentley......your Titmouse is so pretty.. and I'm sure he is so glad to find this feeder.
    My daughter in law put up a feeder last month, sprinkled some seeds on the ground beneath it and within about 30 minutes, we had probably 50 Dove...on the feeder, the ground, the highline wires, all over the pool fence. It was about half scary.....:)

    1. Wow! Like the grackles that sit on the power lines running across Navarro starting at about 5:00 PM. It's like a scene from "The Birds"!

  7. I don't think we have titmouse here. They sure are cute.

  8. I think you need to get a songbird mix of seeds. It looks like you have just large seeds in the feeder. Some birds are very specific!! But that little guy is so cute, nice pic......

  9. Isn't it fun to watch the birds and squirrels. We don't have Titmouse here (they are sure cute) but I enjoy all the little sparrows who show up at the feeders.


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