Monday, December 28, 2015

After Christmas Wrap Up

Preparing for Christmas is like cooking a big feast ~ it takes
weeks to get ready and then it seems like it's over in ten minutes.
I like to spend the days following Christmas just sitting back for
a bit and enjoying the rest of the holiday.  That being said, I am
not one of those who takes down the decorations the day after
Christmas.  I am a firm believer in the Twelve Days of Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with two of our old and very dear
friends.  We had a delicious dinner and sat around for hours
talking and reminiscing.  We returned home quite late, but 

Christmas morning was rather hectic because we had to pack
up and drive up to Lago Vista, Texas to spend the weekend with
David's sister Cindy and her family.  Cindy and Brian have a
beautiful Austin limestone home on the shore of Lake Travis
in a community called  Montechino Lake Travis that Cindy's
husband has planned and developed.

Cindy made a delicious Christmas dinner which we enjoyed with
our nieces Julie, husband Jeremy, Angela and boyfriend Kevin,
Julie and Jeremy's adorable daughter Anna (age four) and baby
son Tucker. Bentley of course, and his two cousin dogs, Olive
  and Dakota.  A houseful of family all gathered together to share
 a joyous holiday.  Friends came over after dinner and we had
 a beautiful evening on the back porch.

The men all played golf the next morning while we girls took
the kids and all three dogs to Brushy Creek Park for a long
walk and lots of fun on the various playgrounds scattered
along the path.  Great workout!

Saturday evening we all played Mexican Train.  At this point
all three dogs were exhausted and slept all evening.  If you
have never played Mexican Train, it is a very fun dominos
game and I highly recommend it.

We were all spared from the horrible tornados that ravaged
communities to the north of us.  Eleven people lost their lives
and there is widespread damage.  Please keep all the victims of
this disaster in your prayers.  It is a reminder to us all that life is
so very precious and family and friends are really all that

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Lots of sweetness everywhere Susan! Thanks for your sweet thoughts & reminding us how precious life is. Happy New Year! xox

  2. Thank you for your prayers for the areas of tornado devastation in Texas! My daughter lives in Rowlett, one of the areas hard hit Saturday night. Fortunately, even though her house was damaged, it is still standing and habitable, Praise God!
    Many of our family and friends were on our knees during that tornado and God spared her home.

  3. I'm glad you are safe and well and had a lovely holiday. I also follow the 12 days of Christmas, we all do in my family. However, at the end of that time I will be more than ready to get my house back to "normal" - it always feels good to pack up all the Christmas decor and give the house a good scrub!

  4. Susan,
    I so enjoy the sweetness of the season and to hear that you had such a memorable and truly good time.
    For us the season was seasoned with visits from family and the moments just a little too fleeting for my liking.
    We are nearly unpacked now and beginning to settle into a routine.
    I am wishing the best that 2016 can bring and sending warm Texas friendship your way!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Very glad you all were spared those awful storms.

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