Thursday, August 11, 2016

Take a Peak Into My Pantry

Here's the door to my pantry.  If you are thinking that I am going to show
you a beautifully staged pantry, think again.  I am showing you this because
life is not perfect, and I am not either.  My Mom was a master organizer and
all her cupboards, her pantry and her drawers were neat and tidy.  Sadly, I 
did not inherit this tendency.  You will not be seeing a pretty pantry 
(although I would like one).

Do you still want to take a look inside???  Still with me???
Okay ~ here goes, but don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

It's not pretty ~ no lined shelves.  It's not organized ~ items are placed here 
and there and who knows what can be found???

Too much of some things, not enough of others.  Take these cute little condiment jars.  Every 
time we stay at an Omni Hotel and we order room service, our sandwiches and hamburgers 
always come with them.  I can never resist bringing one or two home with me.   I keep 
thinking how great they will be to bring along on a picnic.  It's been so hot, there is no
way we want to picnic, so it's time to use a few of these up.

This shelf is a miss mash of stuff.  coffee, parsley flakes, EVOO, a new bottle 
of soy sauce, hummingbird nectar, Cream of Wheat, red pepper flakes and a
vintage Saltines tin.  

Oatmeal, Cheerios, peanuts and Ritz crackers.

Hot sauce, maple syrup, mint jelly and our favorite salsa.

Chips, tonic water, Bentley's crunchies (dry dog food) and potatoes.

A box full of assorted light bulbs. 

And lastly ~ this pitiful little storage rack the previous owner attached
to the back of the pantry door, that currently stores straws.

I both want and need to make better sense of this space.  It will help 
to make my shopping easier when I can see what's missing.  It will
be more uplifting to open up a pantry that is both pretty AND organized.
Oh and one more thing, I want to paint the pantry door with chalk 
board paint so I can easily write my weekly shopping list.

There you have it ~ my imperfect pantry.  Life is not always
perfect, although I wish it were.  However, I am determined to
make this space a pretty, cheerful and practical one.  

Stay tuned!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan! Oh, honey! I'm so glad to know you're not perfect! :) You could have fooled me but your pantry doesn't look that bad at all! At least you can see what you have in there. My daughter is the master organizer in our family. She has the two little children and everything in her house is as neat as a pin and when I open a cabinet in her kitchen, I shut the door really fast because it's just too neat! I like things to be in order but they don't seem to stay that way! :)
    Be a sweetie and kiss little Bentley for me,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Lazy Susan turn tables made a big difference for me. They are available in various sizes at Target, Walmart etc. Granted you lose a few square inches of storage space but spinning one around to find the kind of soup etc. you need makes up for it. I use both two tier and single level. I also use those tiny 3 drawer files for small items that can get lost in the shuffle. Those are found in the office section.

  3. No matter, it is yours and if it works so be it. One thing I noticed you use my coffee, Kirkland. That was my name before I married.

  4. I don't know why but I have a thing for those mini condiment jars. I have 2 miniature Tabasco bottles in my pantry right now. Could it be that I love miniatures? Of course that's it! I'm building some mini benches right now. I try to keep similar things grouped in my pantry but it doesn't always work.

  5. Your pantry looks pretty darn good to me!!! Mine is a mess! It takes me awhile to clean it out and organize it so I do this every season or so. Then Louis Dean and I promptly trash it again putting stuff any place we can set it!

  6. That is a pretty neat pantry, maybe I should clean mine up and take pictures, no it would take to long.

  7. A pantry is hard to keep organized! My problem is that I buy too many duplicates of what I already have. Two people do not need 10 cans of tomatoes! My husband finally re-did our pantry and it's better, but not perfect. I'll keep trying. Good luck on organizing yours.

  8. It is hard to organize a pantry space, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Thanks for sharing the "real" with us. Makes me feel better that everything isn't always perfect in Blogland!

  9. I never get to hung up on perfect, I kind of lean to unperfect is a better fit. My pantry isn't organized the best, but like you know where everything is and need when I'm close to running out. So it seems that we both have the perfect system..the jars are adorable...

  10. I also don't think you pantry is a mess. I wish I had a pantry! I have a thing for bottles too and I have never seen those little condiment jars, probably because I don't travel. I may have to stay at a hotel near home just to get some-okay, I'm not that crazy. I'm glad to see you buy clear hummingbird nectar. There's such a controversy about red vs. clear but if something is fine without adding food coloring-I prefer it. I love love love that sign too!


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