Monday, August 22, 2016

Missing Home ~ But Where Is Home Now?

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are once again in
your childhood home?   After you wake up from that dream, are you
sad to see that it was only a dream and not really true?

I sometimes have that dream.  I am in that first house that I ever called 
home.  It's such a magical place to me.  No other place I have ever lived
can quite compare with that first place that I remember so well and 
miss so much.

I have lived so many different places since becoming an adult.  East 
coast, west of the Rockies, down South and abroad.  I have felt 
happy in many of those places yet some of them I do not miss at all.

Although it's not my childhood home, I miss New York.  I loved the city
and it felt so comfortable to me.  It was as though it was the only other
city that could be in second place in my heart after the North Shore
of Chicago.   

I also loved Virginia.  I loved everything about it.  Perhaps it's 
childhood happy memories of trips to Virginia, I don't know, but
when David and I lived there out in the horse country, I knew
I was as close to heaven as I could get.

Whenever I visit England and Scotland it is also like coming home.
Whenever I am in London, people will stop me and ask me 
directions as though I have lived there all my life.  I am always
flattered when that happens.

Oddly, I hardly miss Idaho.  I miss my friends there, but not the place
we called home for many years.  I thought I would, but I don't.  

This is the second time I have lived in Texas.  I love my house here
very much and I like my neighbors, but I often wonder if I will
ever feel as at home here as I have elsewhere.  I hope so.  

Where is the place you call home?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Interesting post! I have only lived in 3 homes over my entire life of 58 years. The first 2 ,my Dad built and the last Joe and I bought brand new. I feel most at home where I am right now as I have spent 38 years in this house and I have made it my own. Oddly, my family was the first owners of all 3 homes!

  2. I feel like that sometimes. I dream about my childhood home every so often, especially if I am worried about something. My Dad told me he did the same thing about his childhood home.

  3. I have dreams like that too. I hope eventually you will feel at home in Texas. It took me a long time but it's home.

  4. I have
    ..lived in Tx...nope not home...Colorado was nice...but nope not home...California...nope not home...NY...where we are it's beautiful and have wonderful friends...but again nope not home... Oklahoma... I don't know why but it just makes me feel good I can't wait to get back there.There it will be home.

  5. Is it trite to say 'Home is where the heart is?" Where is your heart?
    Mine is in Texas in the house I have lived in for 50 years now. I married at 14 and moved into this house when I was 18 years old. I was married for 41 years before I divorced and I fought hard and won to keep my HOME! It has changed and transitioned as I grew and and changed over the years. It is a long way from where we started this 'Home' relationship back in 1967! Still, my home reflects ME and who I AM. It has changed as I have over the years. I have four children who have grown up here and I now have eight grandchildren who are experiencing HOME....including my awesome quadruplet four year old grands! I truly believe that our homes are a reflection of who we ARE. It doesn't really matter WHERE......just who.....
    I count it a huge blessing to be able to share this home with all of my children and grandchildren. How rare does this happen....that my oldest daughter at age 53 can share experiences with her six year old right HERE in THIS house? Be it 50 years or a few months.....home is truly where your heart is.

  6. Good morning, Susan and Bentley. I am a Marylander who was transplanted to Virginia back in 1965. We first lived in Manassas. I haven't "loved" this place since we moved here. Virginia is a beautiful many different places to see and enjoy.
    Since watching Chip and Joanna Barnes on the "Fixer Upper" show, I've had visions of visiting Texas. However, since my husband passed away, I don't get to travel like I would like to.
    I enjoy seeing your miniatures in your sweet doll house. You have an interesting and fun hobby that could take you on forever.
    Have a lovely week. I'm looking forward to Fall and cooler weather.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  7. It is really good that you have wonderful memories of your first home ♥

  8. Hi Susan,
    It is hard when you move around to feel at home. I loved our home that we lived in for 24 years where I raised my two girls. That home always was the best one we have lived in. My other two homes are good but I think it is true you will always feel at home at that one special place. I bet Virginia was beautiful. We live in the Chicago burbs and I lived up north too. I know what you mean about Chicago being a great place to live. Have a good week.

  9. Texas is home. But when I visited England it felt like home as did New England and Virginia. Why is it some places pull our heartstrings more than others? Maybe the people in those places make us feel comfortable. I don't know. I sometimes dream of where I grew up, but I'm always searching for what was lost. Hope you feel at home soon.

  10. That's funny because I just had a dream last night of my old neighborhood in NYC, and I found myself missing it in my dream....although I don't, at all, in real life!

  11. I grew up in South Carolina, moved to Ohio when I got married. Whenever I would travel to SC, I would tell people I'm 'going home'. Then when I left my parents' home heading back to Ohio, I would say "I'm going home." Both felt like love to me. After my parents' died, my brother said 'maybe you can now really consider Ohio home.' I never felt any problem with considering both my 'home'. After my Ohio divorce, I had to sell my home where my children had been infants and toddlers. I often dreamed about that house; in my dreams, I would walk through the rooms. For a long time, I felt displaced. There was something magical about that home, the street, my neighbors - it truly was the wonderful place to live. I have lived in my current 'home' for almost 30 years. It is my 'home' but never the association of my other. My children still speak of our old 'magical' neighborhood as 'home', even though we left there when they were elementary school age.

  12. Where im at now....Charleston-- i cant imagine ever loving anywhere as much as i love it here!


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