Friday, December 9, 2016

A Bit Of Christmas in My Studio

Since my studio is the spot where I spend many hours every day,
I like to bring some soft focus Christmas cheer into this special
spot.  This space has a much different look than other rooms in
my house that are decorated in tartans and lots of red.  The 
colors are soft and muted here.

Most of the Christmas elements are vintage and hold many
happy memories of Christmas past.

Little angels that once belonged to my grandmother displayed happily
on this vintage children's hutch that sits on top of my desk.

You will be seeing more of my studio in the coming days.  The 
miniature dollhouse rooms are being decorated this afternoon
while all my favorite Christmas music will be playing in the
background.  I know it will be a wonderful afternoon and I hope
that yours will be as well!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I've had a totally delightful afternoon Susan. I've been busy around the house, but now sitting by the fire, Sadie along side me, enjoying a cup of hot tea and reading my favorite blogs. Enjoy the season, Susan!

    1. This is the perfect type of cozy at home weather. I am loving it! Bentley is always by my side too. Thanks for stopping by Sarah!

  2. So pretty Susan! I love Pink so this is my kind of Christmas!

  3. I love coming here, Susan. Everything I see here is always lovely and feels like 'home'. Beautiful today as always. xo Diana


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