Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Strong When I Am Really Scared

I have a confession to make, I often don't handle stress very well.
I try very hard to maintain a cool exterior, but inside all the
emotion and fear bubbles up.  I feel like I am a percolator on
the stove top heating and bubbling up and if I don't lower 
the heat, the top will pop off soon.

Everyone in this life suffers loss and heartache.  For some,
like me, those losses stack up and that's when I feel vulnerable and
shaky.  My Grandmother used to say,  what doesn't kill
you, makes you stronger.  I am hoping that I will be strong.

Just before sitting down to prepare for today's blog post,
I had to confirm Bentley's appointment at Texas A&M Veterinary
hospital.   Suddenly I started to fall apart.  I have been worried
about Bentley's vision.  I have been trying so hard to stay cool
about it.  I have been praying for him and I have asked you to also
pray, and I am so thankful for those prayers.  

Moments ago, my worries got the best of me.  The tears 
flowed quickly down my cheeks.  The sobbing shook my 
spine and I felt so weak and vulnerable.  This good cry helped
to take off some of the pressure and to dissolve the excess fear.
Now I just want to get through tomorrow and pray for Bentley's
future with us.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. God luck tomorrow and I have been praying for Bentley. Hang in there because he will know if you are really upset.


  2. Susan, know you are in our hearts and our prayers. Wishing you well with Bentley's appointment. Hugs! X Chy

  3. I can share your concern about your baby's vision. I am having cataract surgery this Wednesday. I am very anxious! Hope everything goes smoothly for all of us.

  4. Will keep you and Bentley in my prayers for tomorrow's visit to the vet's to be filled with good news.

  5. Prayers for you & Bentley that everything will be all right! 😊

  6. Ooops where did my comment go? I just want to say I hope for all good news for Bentley. Of course you are anxious, I would be too. The Bible is full of verses saying "do not be anxious", "do not fear" so that is a common condition.

  7. Oh Susan, I feel your concern and pain. Prayers for you and Bentley and that all goes well tomorrow. Sandra

  8. A good cry washes the soul, you needed it!! Praying for sweet little Bentley, and for you too. Stay strong, Bentley needs you.

  9. My tears bubble out and spill over a lot, usually when I'm soaking in the tub so on one sees or hears me. I don't want to concern others. I'm still praying for Bentley and my Phoebe. What makes the situation worse is they can't voice how they feel. We hope we are doing the right thing. My Phoebe still gallops outside to chase the feral cats so I know her quality of life is still good. When she stops eating I get her to the vet pronto. I pray they can do something for Bentley. Keep us updated.

  10. Thinking of you and Bentley...{{{hugs}}} and prayers, too!

  11. May God wrap His loving arms around you and Bentley as you go for the appointment. May the Lord direct you to the best veterinarian who will be able to deal with Bentley's specific vision issues. I call on the Holy Spirit to give you all a fresh anointing of faith in all these matters. Your Supernatural Bodyguard will be right by your sides. Of that you can be certain. Jesus loves our fur-babies and created them to be extensions of our hearts. He will bring forth good out of this trying situation.... in fact, judging by all the good wishes and prayers... His goodness is already manifesting itself. Blessings to you and Bentley from Michelle in Delaware... an avid lover of pooches:)

  12. Susan - more prayers for you and that sweet sweet Bentley -
    Will be thinking of you


  13. Susan

    I have a Chihuahua that I love as you love your Bentley. She has a genetic eye disease and has been under the care of a Veterinary Opthamologist for 5 years. I do not share that to scare you, but to tell you that you are doing the right thing taking Bentley to a specialist and that I understand your fears completely. I feel positive you will feel much better tomorrow once you have some answers and a treatment plan. I truly do understand where you are coming from and will definitely give you positive reinforcement if you would like, You and Bentley are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Susan in PA

  14. 😢 I am so, so, so sorry you feel this way and that Bentley is having trouble.

  15. It makes me feel brave to hear someone admit fear, hold their chin up and step forward anyway. Good for you Susan. Bentley has a very brave mama. you will handle it for your sweet boy.

  16. Awww...I wish I could give you a big old hug. Consider yourself hugged from WI. Your grandmother was right- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I have found that out more times in my life than I care to remember!
    Praying for your little Bentley AND praying for YOU, too, to bear up under the news you get--what will need to be done to fix his vision or to deal with whatever other results your baby gets. Love to you- Diana

  17. I pray that little Bentley recovers soon and that all will be well. I know you are worried and I would be too, but just know we are all pulling for little Bentley.

  18. Praying for both of you and that Bentley will have an excellent visit.

  19. Waiting for update on little Bentley. Give Bentley a hug for me

  20. stopped in to check on your sweet little dog..hope it went well!


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