Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Switching Things Around

Sometimes all we need to do is move things around just a little bit and 
we have a whole new and happy outlook.  The weather is so hot here right
now and all I want to do is stay indoors and keep cool.  However, when I 
stay indoors, I start fussing with furniture and accessories.  I especially do this
in my office because I am in here so often.  

I just changed the position of the crib in the dollhouse nursery by angling
it out into the room a bit more and away from the wall.  Tiny, little change,
but I feel better already.  

However, I don't plan on changing the location of the wreath on my 
door because ....

I still like it just the way it is.  Of course it's not etched in stone.
I could always change my mind and hang it over the bed, but not today.
Let me think about it for a minute ... no, not today.

I did switch around the McCoy and USA pottery on the top shelf of
the library stack. This should keep me content for a while.

I still like the miniature cottage on the night stand by the bed. 

And this little bird will still guard the Agatha Christie mysteries.

And the little hutch will remain the same.

Oh but wait, I can be fickle ... I just put this little stack of books back
underneath the bowl of fabric hearts.  They were under the roses in the
hobnail pitcher in the first picture.  Take a close look ... is it just me,
or is that antique fair sign a bit crooked.  Better straighten it or it will
annoy me every time I look at it :-)

Thanks for indulging me.  Stay cool and have a wonderful day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love your little changes. It makes me happy to 'tweak' things also. I could so move into that lovely pink and white room!! Hugs!

  2. It all looks so sweet ,I love to change things

  3. Everything looks wonderful! Love the dainty pinks. Tweaking is always fun - and free!


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