Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tutus and Cowgirl Boots

My friend, Kathie Truitt, wore a pink tutu to a formal event up in Dallas
a couple of weeks ago.  She looked so great and her outfit was a big success.
I have not worn a tutu since I was a young girl, but can we ever be too old 
to wear one?  I think not.  Inside all of us women is the spirit of a young girl
who just longs to come out and play once in a while.  So ...
I ordered my own tutu.  I found it on an etsy shop and it arrived in the mail
this morning.  I love it!!!

I put an outfit together of my favorite boots, pearls, turquoise beaded
bracelets and cami.

I have owned this little cami forever.  I love it because it has tiny little
pleats in the fabric that give it great texture.  The pearls give it that
Southern flair and the bracelets accent the boots.

These are my favorite boots.  My sweet husband bought these for me
the first Christmas we were back in Texas.  I dream up reasons to wear
them because I love them so much!

If you want your own tut, or one for a daughter or grand, check out 
this etsy shop!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh- I want to see you in your tutu and boots!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those boots. xo Diana

  2. I sure you post a pic when you wear it! The outfit you put together looks fabulous! I'd be thrilled to wear a tutu skirt, but I've gotten to fat for it. 😔 Oh, well...c'est la vie!

  3. Great outfit and yes, you have to post a picture for all of us. The boots are fabulous!

  4. Wonderful outfit! My own lovely boots(when bought) were broken in mucking out stables and riding back in the day. These make me want another pair!
    I am having a good time reading your blog and have developed quite a crush on Bentley. What a dear little soul he is.

  5. you have to post a picture for all of us. The boots are fabulous!


  6. you have to post a picture for all of us. The boots are fabulous!


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