Monday, August 7, 2017

My New Skincare Guru

Let's face it, we are all looking for the fountain of youth when it comes
to anti-aging skin care, and I am no different.  Right after my Mom
passed away, and I was in the depths of my mourning, I started watching
YouTube videos about anti-aging skin care and make-up tips.  There are
lots of them out there.  Some of them are better than others, but basically
they are created by women who are at battle with the inevitable.

While watching these YouTubers, I was numbing the pain from my loss,
but I was also being indoctrinated with a lot of products that promised
me that I would have better looking skin, fewer wrinkles and smaller
pores.  Who doesn't want that???

I started filling my anti-aging arsenal with lotions and potions.  I 
believe I tried them all from vitamin C serums to "medical grade"
skincare which is another way of saying, "over priced and 
ineffective" despite it sounding so scientific.  

At one point, my poor abused skin was screaming out ....
"NO!!!" and it was peeling and itchy and super sensitive.  This
was not at all what I had envisioned.  But, thankfully, that
was all about to change.  Read on.

A couple of months ago, David, Bentley and I were at our 
favorite resort up in Austin, Barton Creek Resort.

We were all having fun at the pool and on the golf course and just
having a relaxing time away from home.  One afternoon, David and
Bentley were napping and I pulled out my laptop and started 
watching some of my favorite YouTubers.  One of them began to
talk about a dermatologist's channel she enjoyed, and so I tuned in.

Enter ~ Dr. Dray!

Dr. Dray is a no frills, no nonsense, dermatologist practicing in
Houston, TX.  She is young, brilliant, very funny, and straight 
forward.  I watched one video and then another.  I was hooked.  For  
the remainder of the time I was in Austin, I stopped using all the
overpriced, skin assaulting products I had been using and never
looked back.  It's been a couple of months now since I have been
following Dr. Dray's simple skin care routine and my skin has been
so happy, comfortable and hydrated.  My wallet is a lot fatter and
I am not spending hours at the bathroom sink applying stuff I do
not need.  She cuts through the marketing hype and focuses on
what is helpful.  Here is a video from about a week ago where she
brings us along on a trip to the drugstore to look at skin care 

Andrea (that's her name) produces a video each day.
She tries out products that her viewers suggest.  She 
has a Q and A program each Friday where she answers
viewer's questions.  She is vegan, I am not, but I like
lots of her salad and veggie suggestions because I do
eat and enjoy lots of veggies.  Her mom lives in Houston
too and she films a video with her mom at least once a 
week.  I love the close relationship the two of them have.
Here is her most recent video with her mom.

I hope that you learn some helpful tips and have some fun
in the process too.  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Thank you for the referral, I always check these out, nothing better than one's own personal recommendation! I was blessed with a good tan most of my life (from always being an outdoor person) and I rarely wore anything on my face except a light moisturizer at bedtime. Then my body changed, age was altering every routine I had. I am still learning how to make adjustments along the way of senior womanhood and this link is just what I need! ~jackie~

    1. I hope you find her videos helpful. She cuts through the hype and lets us know what is helpful and what is a waste of money. I think she is very funny too.

  2. I can't wait to check her out. I have a pretty simple routine and my skin has thanked me for years. I love a good video also!

    1. She is fun! She is not preachy or trying to sell something. She is practical and helpful. I am dismayed at all the disinformation out there on YouTube and it is refreshing to have a fresh and knowledgeable approach to skin care. After watching most of her videos, I am aware of the skin care drill, and now I mostly watch her because she is so entertaining. I hope you enjoy her delivery too.

    2. I have developed Rosacea and I'm going to try the VaniCreame products she recommends!

  3. I watched it and will watch some more. Could you share exactly what YOU use though? O a, sp tired of spending money on 'stuff'. I have been using the 007 stuff by Boots for a while and like it quite well. My daughter swears by Coconut oil-but she has 'baby skin' I see the wrinkles setting in and my skin aging. It held its own for a long time..but

  4. I watched her skin care video you share here; she has a nice informative format.

  5. Thank you for the referral, I always check these out, nothing better than one's own personal recommendation!


  6. Is she truly a "practicing dermatologist" or a board certified dermatologist? I find it terrifying that she gives so much advice and it is obvious that she is so incredibly unhealthy.

    1. She's a real dermatologist who works in a clinic.

    2. You can search her on health grades. University of Texas Houston.

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  10. I like Dr. Dray, but her weight makes me doubt if she is the right person to give any health or beauty advise. She is severely and unhealthy underweight and by what I see in the vlogs she under eats and on top does tons of exercise? Her shoulders don't allow me to concentrate during the videos. Is so sad. And I see no comments on the videos, that's suspicious because I have found more than five websites were viewers are talking about her weight. I asked her today about her weight, let's see if I get an answer.

    1. I think she must be blocking or deleting any comments regarding her eating or health :( it is very sad, she is clearly unwell. I hope she is getting help from somewhere. I wonder if her mother is aware?

  11. For those who critique her weight (which I would say is about 20 pounds underweight), would you comment on people who are overweight by 20 pounds? More than likely - you would not.


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