Thursday, August 10, 2017

Comfort in Troubled Times

When the world gets too crazy and the news is too distressing,  I retreat
into the comfort and security of my home.  It's as though I have 
created my own little fortress where only happiness is permitted to enter
our door.   That's not always an easy thing to do.  

I try not to read too much of the news these days.  I don't watch any of
it on television and I have drastically curtailed my online and newsprint
reading too.  For one thing, it's hard to know what is real news and what
is fake.  Who is a dependable source?  What newsman will be accused of
sexting or harassing women next?  Is everyone in the media an over
paid scum bag?  I apologize, this is not my usual tone, but I have less and
less respect for the media in general.

I was raised to look at a problem from all perspectives.  Both my parents
and my teachers taught me to read and to discern.  That premise is fine
as long as what one is reading is based on some degree of truth.  Today
I just feel manipulated.  Which brings me to my topic for this post ....

There is not much I can do to change the world around me, so I will do
what I can to make my nest a cozy and safe place to be.  If some lunatic
from across the Pacific figures out a way to launch a nuclear bomb to
our shores and annihilate all of us, I don't want to spend my last days in
fear and worry.  I will control what I can, and that means making our
little environment as happy as possible.  

I'll spend my time poofing the pillows ....

And cooking our favorite meals ....

Being kind to all I meet, and living in the moment, because in actuality, that
is all any of us really can do.  

A quick update on Bentley ~ he is adjusting to his vision problems and will
be going back to see the vet in a few weeks.  He's not crazy about the eye
drops I give him several times per day, but he is accepting it.  He is a 
true example of living in the moment and he's teaching me to be just
like him.  Thank you to all who have asked for an update and have 
shown your concern.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I feel just like you do Susan! I can't and won't live in fear. I'm avoiding as much as I can the 'crazy' news and just living as best I can. God, Family, Home and Love! So glad Bentley is doing better. Hugs!

    1. Sending you a big hug! We will hold each other up through the mess that the world has become.

  2. I'm currently living in fear and trying to navigate the news as it keeps coming. Thank you for sharing! X Chy

    1. It makes me so sad to hear that you are living in fear. That is expressly why I wrote this blog post. Look after yourself. Enjoy your life. None of us knows what tomorrow will hold. We only have today. Be positive, even when the world around us is in chaos. What good will it do any of us to fret about what we cannot control. May love and blessings be yours.

  3. Susan, I love what you posted to day, I so agree with you. It's also good to know that Bentley is doing okay and being so brave with his eye drops. I always enjoy dropping by Ash Tree Cottage.

  4. Amen! I understand and agree with you. I only watch a few game shows on TV and occasionally read the paper. If things do no get better, we are in for some realy bad times.

  5. I know just what you mean. I try to look away...a lot and often. Manipulation. That's what it is.

    "I'll spend my time poofing the pillows ...."

    Mind if I adopt this as my life's motto?

    1. Go right ahead and use it as your life's motto!

  6. It was back in the summer of 1983 when I had my first experience with the press. It involved a neighborhood dispute over a fence. Essentially, the neighbor who lived behind me, wanted me to take my fence down. I wasn't about to take my fence down, because at that point I was expecting my first child, and I wanted a nice, safe, backyard for him to play in (Today is his birthday, btw.) I won the case because, as it turned out, the neighbor didn't want the fence erected, because he was ogling the woman who lived next to me every night with binoculars and my fence prevented that. Back on my initial subject, a reporter for the Post-Dispatch came to interview me. I gave her my story as accurately as I could. The next day her story came out in the newspaper. It was absolute fiction. It was at that point that I realized that news reporters are creative writers, not the writers of truth. I no longer watch the news or read the newspaper. I get my fiction from Agatha Christie.

    1. Love Agatha Christie. I didn't think I would like Poirot but since Netflix has season 7 and on, I've been watching it. I enjoy it and hope they offer the first 6 seasons soon. I downloaded some of her books.

    2. I am sorry the press cut and pasted your interview. So like them to do that! I did get a big laugh about your neighbor ogling the woman next door. It's true justice that he got caught!!!

  7. So glad Bentley's report is a good one. It's so disparaging that all media is slanted on way or the other. I avoid the news as much as I can anymore. I read some local headlines to find out what's going on in my area. I watch a lot of re-runs on Netflix because I love murder mysteries. Midsomer Murders and Poirot are my favorites right now. TV is full of (non)reality shows and I can't stand them! I catch Andy Griffith and Everybody Loves Raymond at times. It's a shame tv entertainment I enjoy is hard to come by. The upside is getting more done at home, cleaning, organizing, gardening and my multitude of crafts.

  8. I try not to worry about what is happening in our world but I do. I wonder what kind of a world my grandchildren will grow up in. They are not allowed the comfort and security I had growing up (although we worried about nuclear war and the Cuban crisis when I was a kid---we had drills where we went into the school halls and pressed ourselves against the walls to prepare for it) if that would do any good.

    I admit to having the news on daily and wish I could just look away. I do best when I am driving! That is where I can forget my worries and concentrate on the beauty around me. I often grab a cup of coffee and just sit in my car and read. That is MY escape.

    Love to you- hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  9. Being fearful will not change any of the current events. I do agree with Diana regarding being concerned about what our grandchildren face. My husband keeps me "informed"...he is immersed in what I call "bad news". I think it is prudent to be informed about what is going on but, Susan, as you say, what is the real story? I guess I would liken this to having a terminal illness...boy, I would hope that loved ones would gather around and say, "let's poof the pillows!". In other words, be kind to yourself and each other. So glad Bentley is adjusting to his eye condition and his eye drops. He is such a sweetie. xoxo

  10. I'm glad that Bentley is adjusting, I know the eye drops are needed so maybe he will adjust to them as well. Will keep him and you in my prayers that the vets can help his vision. As to living in fear....I refuse to live in fear because of some nut case and his threats. We have a missile defense system that will keep us safe and I believe that the rest of the world will not let it happen. I trust in God to keep us safe. He is my strength. I also pretty much stayed away from the news channels. I am out in the early morning working in my yard in this Texas heat. I have some big projects that I think I may put off until late September, like laying a paver patio, digging a Koi pond and adding some flowerbed once the intense heat lets up. Until then I have been catching up on my reading and scouring the website for ideas for my patio, pond and fire pit. Enjoy your inside time poofing pillows and spending time with Bentley.

  11. I don't watch the new anymore. I have to stay away from new media on Facebook too. Depressing. I love your perspective! Live everyday and enjoy what we can control. I'm so glad Bentley is adjusting.


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