Monday, October 23, 2017

A New Puppy in the Dollhouse

Since I believe that every home needs a dog,  I also think that every 
dollhouse needs one too.  Meet McDuff ~ who is now happily
calling the Texas Rosebud Cottage home.  That's what I call my
dollhouse which is not really a dollhouse, but a miniature room on
a bookshelf in my office.  Y'all know I live in a fantasy world ;-)

I also purchased a new chair and pillow that now sits right next to the
fireplace.  Isn't it cute?

I bought some new wallpaper too.  I originally thought I would re-paper the
living room, but now I think that I will re-paper the nursery with it.  I have been
thinking of changing the nursery into a young girl's room.  This paper reminds
me of the wallpaper I had in my own bedroom when I was a young girl.  I loved
that paper so much and this one is really sweet too.  I will let you know what
I decide.  Have a fun day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh- I LOVE your new puppy and I LOVE your wallpaper and everything you have done to your dollhouse/ I used to do "littles" in a cigar box when I was a kid. They fascinated me.
    Everything you have done there is 'pretty', Susan. Hope McDuff appreciates his new home! xo Diana

    1. I am sure that McDuff will be just as spoiled as Bentley ;-)

  2. I love your little life. I have a dollhouse,but I think I like the idea of shelves. Adorable

    1. The dollhouse shelf idea is great because I can have so many different styles.

  3. I love all your miniatures, and the shelf house. I have some questions about the shelf house. would it be alright to email you with them?


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