Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Fall Home Tour 2017

Hey y'all ~ it's my turn to show off my home for the Fall in Love with Texas
home tour for 2017.  I always get excited about these home tours.  I just
love the decorating and inviting everyone in to see what we have created
for the season.  Just ask my husband, lol!  All I have to do is mention
blog tour and he already knows the drill ;-)

If I have a theme for this Fall, it's to use what I already have and not
buy new.  When I go into my stash of holiday decorations, I realize
over and over again that I already have lots of seasonal decor and unless
I am willing to part with some of it, nothing new better pass through 
our door.  Well, guess what, I was able to keep that promise to myself
and I only purchased one new item and 2 yards of fabric.  

So let's take a look.  I created the vignette above with little hearts I made
for fun several months ago.  I just added a few berries an apple and a 
pine cone.  Nothing to it at all.

These aprons and the oven mitt are hung by my stove.  The big deep
pocket is just begging for a bit of decorating each season, so I just
dropped some berries inside to keep company with the spoon
and the old rolling pin.

Just one little Fall touch added some seasonal flair to this 
pre-existing vignette.  Easy peasy!

Here was my "big splurge" ~ I found this apple cider tin at Hobby Lobby.
Y'all know me well enough to know that I just cannot stay out of that
store for too long ;-)  This tin is the perfect display for flowers, and apples,
and pine cones.  

Oops ~ I fibbed, I bought a new candle too.  It's apple/cinnamon, my

This vignette is not Fall, exactly, but it's cozy and welcoming for 
a Fall day even if the temps outside are still hot and steamy, we 
can pretend can't we?

These short bread Scotties are so cute and I consider them decor too!

A vintage book tied up with twine.  No rocket scientist needed here :-)

I am calling this vignette Country Hearts because I love little hearts
and toss them around everywhere.  Please notice the little heart on the 
left, that is new Fall fabric and and plaid fabric beneath is new too.

This is a corner of our bedroom on a rainy October afternoon.  

And there it is ~ our home all dressed up for Fall!

This is the final day of the Fall in Love With Texas blog tour.
Be sure to stop by and visit these gals for some great decorating tips.

Thanks for stopping by to see all of our friends!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh Susan this tour is just too too cute! I adore your apple cider tin and your Round Top teatowel. My grandmother always had scotties. I just love them. Did you make the cookies?

  2. All of your fall accents are so cozy and inviting! I especially love the way you embellished the book--pinned! Blessings, Cecilia

  3. I love it! Everything looks so festive and welcoming. I'd love to hang with you in your fabulous TX home. Glad you were on the tour.

  4. Your home is absolutely charming for fall. I love how you used your red and white transferware with autumn colors. Everything looks so cozy.

  5. So cute. I love the fall decor with all your red. So pretty. All the plaid is perfection. Thanks for being a spot on our tour.

  6. Susan, I love the apple cider can. I couldn't resist it either. Sticking a sprig of berries in your apron pocket is a sweet touch. Look all the checks too.

  7. Susan, Your home is charmingly dressed for the season. I love all your fabric hearts. :) The house looks welcoming and cozy -- just what we all strive for in the fall. I enjoyed your tour, and thank you for sharing. Have a great day!



  8. Your home is so lovely all dressed up for fall, Susan! I love the red, it will be so nice for the holidays, too!

  9. So cozy and warm Susan! I love the pops of red and orange and all your fabric accents blend in perfectly! I too am trying hard to not make any additional purchases, so far so good, now if I just don’t go in any stores!��

  10. Susan, your home always feels cozy and welcoming. The fall accents add just the right touch. I haven't added anything new this year either. When I pull out my Halloween bins, I have way more than one could ever use. In fact, this year I'm just keeping it very simple. I think I might just tote those bins right back up to the attic without removing but just a few special things. Thanks for the tour and Happy Fall in Texas!

  11. Love all your fall touches. Your home looks so pretty and inviting! Take care, Maria

  12. As always Susan...your home is just lovely! I adore your cottage like, mixed with a bit of country french and very warm! Happy October!

  13. Fall is apple time and I really like the use of your apple red color throughout. Gail

  14. I love it all, but that chair in your bedroom makes me swoooooooon! xoxo!!!

  15. I just love your cozy home. It makes me feel so peaceful when I see your pictures. A home full of softness, goodness and love.

  16. Hi Susan,
    I could just move right into your cozy home and be perfectly happy forever!! I love your warm style and all your wonderful touches. I'm like you, and haven't bought anything new, as I like bringing all my old decor friends out from the bins. Thank you for sharing your heart and home with us.

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  18. Happy Fall, Susan and Bentley!

  19. Susan, I love all of the red! You have such a warm & inviting home! Love all of your Fall! Thanks for sharing with us! Happy Fall! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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  21. It all looks beautiful, Susan! I love seeing all the pretty pops of red & fall color in your home.

  22. Susan,
    Fall is all about the cozy feeling of home as well as Fall decor. So, I say your home is all ready for Fall.


  23. Beautiful Fall decor!! Love your red and whites!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. I love seeing reds. I'm changing my home decor from strictly primitive to a cottage/farmhouse feel. You've given me great ideas!! ♡

  25. Love your red and whites!! Thanks for sharing!!


  26. I just bought the same Round Top dish towel a few weeks ago, only with black writing. (I love it so much that I hid it from everybody. lol! I refuse to allow people to get it all dirty drying dishes or something. It's just too adorable and unique for that).



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