Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Somewhere In My Memory

A few days ago as I was checking out items at Hobby Lobby, I was
chatting with the clerk.  We were discussing how crowded the store was
and how it seemed like everyone was particularly feeling the Christmas
spirit this year.  She asked me if I already had everything I needed to 
decorate, and I told her that I do, except for more lights, which is very
typical of me.  She proceeded to tell me that the young women like to 
adopt an entirely new Christmas decorating theme each year and purchase
everything new.  That concept seems very sad to me.  While I understand
that trends come and go and there is always something bigger, better, more
in style, etc, there is also something wonderful to be said about Christmas
decorating traditions.

Each year as I pull out the boxes of decorations, I am really opening up
boxes of memories.  These are magic moments when the past once again
comes to life.  In the photo above, there is a little ceramic boot and two
tiny Santa votive mugs.  These three items belonged to my Mama and
every year she placed them on the kitchen window sill above the sink.
Mama was never one for kitsch, she was very sophisticated, but for
some reason these three items were very dear to her.  

To get a feel for how old these items are, I discovered that the price tag was still 
on the bottom of the boot.  I just Googled the store and discovered that Woolworth's
went out of business in July of 1997.  That was twenty years ago, but my guess is that
Mama probably purchased the boot and the Santa votives back in the 1960's.  I will
never part with these.  Even when I am old and gray and don't have the energy to
put up Christmas decorations, I will still display these three little kitschy items
because of the happy memories they bring to me each year.

This snowman is not nearly as old as those precious items from Woolworth's,
but it is a favorite of mine and I haul it out every year.  It's been on the front
porch in Idaho and it was in the tartan train case last year in a wintery vignette.
That vintage tartan train case was a Christmas gift from my sister Robin who
always surprises me with just the perfect gift because she knows me 
inside and out!

I hope that these young women who completely change their Christmas
decor each year, hang on to a couple of items.  One day their own
children will appreciate the precious memories of Christmas past.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I think that is just sad, Susan. I, too, treasure so many of the old/vintage things I have. I have been collecting Christmas for at least 40 years and now I am in the process of passing it along to my kids as we prepare to downsize. My heart lies somewhere between today and all of my yesterdays.....xo Diana

  2. I really think one must have some old to go with the new--we need the 'old' for the memories and new for the future!! So am glad you still have some 'old' ornaments and memories to share with us--
    enjoy the moments, di

  3. Susan, I agree that my Christmas decorating is all about the memories. I usually add a few 'new' things each year but the real treasures are the old things from my parents, items my children made and now my grands make. This is Christmas to me, not a picture perfect room decorated in a theme. They are beautiful but not for me!

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  5. My husband is one for doing a new 'theme' every year and I rebel against it. I adore vintage and antique ornaments, all of which carry memories of so many Christmases past in the family. There is a loveliness of putting the old and the new together. Lately I have been harkening to the vintage which brings back memories.

  6. Lovely memories. I have a friend who decorates in a new theme each year - and she saves all the decorations from the previous years. She has a big room just stuffed with decorations of all sorts, all colors, all themes. She often even buys a new tree every year. I wonder what will happen when her christmas storage room gets too full.


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