Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why I Am So Grateful

I have been very fortunate.  Yes, I have suffered heartache during
my life, but we all do at one time or another.  Rather than focus
on loss and heartache, I am choosing to focus on what is right and
good about my life.  Certainly, this time of year causes us to
reflect on our blessings.

I have been blessed with loving family and friends throughout
my life.  I am especially grateful for the dear friends and family
members I spent time with this past September.  It was so
wonderful to go back home to Chicago and see dear friends,
my beloved cousins and my college roommate.  It was a wonderful
and memorable reunion that lives in my memory.

I am grateful that we survived Hurricane Harvey.  It was an extremely
frightening storm that caused so much devastation.  Yes, we lost a lot
of tree limbs and we are still recovering from the damage to our yard,
but our house was spared and we are fine.  So many had it much
worse than we did.  

Our beloved little Bentley lost his vision this year.  It was hard on all of us
at first, but he has adjusted so well and is still happy and enjoying his life.
He will be twelve years old next month, and we are so grateful to have him
with us every day.  He is a true blessing.

We are blessed to have a lovely home that is our refuge from the busy
outside world.  

We are healthy and have no health worries.  In fact, we have no
worries at all.  

Most importantly, we have each other.  David and Bentley and I 
are a small family, but a very happy and content one.  For that,
I am so very grateful.  

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May you all feel as
blessed as we do.  I will see you after the holiday weekend is
over.  Have fun, be safe, and enjoy those closest to you.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You have so many blessings and it is wise to count them.

  2. Wonderful post Susan. We all have much to be thankful for; many friends lost their homes in the Santa Rosa fires, but those closest to us still have homes. Thanksgiving blessings to you.

  3. “In fact, we have no worries at all.”

    Now that is something to be thankful for!

  4. I'm grateful to have such sweet ladies to follow on their blogs! I'm catching up a little this week. You and David and Bentley are such a sweet family. we know first hand how resilient the pups are as they get older - vision and hearing lessen, but their hearts are always full of love. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you ox.

  5. Lovely. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and yes, we also have so much to be thankful for, hubby, my yorkie, Dixie and I.

  6. I cannot tell you how grateful we are this year. My husband has cancer. It still hurts to type that. They tried two rounds of chemo that didn't work and they decided to give it one more try with a different type of chemo. It worked! He will be on maintenance chemo for awhile but he is doing well.

  7. Just what Thanksgiving should be about: expressing gratitude for all we have. I’m glad that you hold that in your heart.


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