Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Blue and White ~ Collecting and Loving It

Blue and white china is timeless and versatile.  It can be humble or
grand. It's been favored by generations.  My Mama both collected and
loved it, and passed down her collection to add to my own.  

In my breakfast room, my blue and white collection of this and that,
looks fresh and welcoming.  I can set a table that suddenly looks
crisp and clean and as fresh as a daisy.

It has a quaint and simple look that I just adore.

Ireland has their green, but Holland and Scandinavia have their 
blue and white.  

Yet the beauty of blue and white is that it can rise above it's humble
nature and hold it's own in a more elegant setting too.  Surrounded by
deep red walls, touches of black, and crystal, it is suddenly sophisticated.

It's oh so collectable too.  We can find it in tureens and ginger jars.  It
comes in lamps and endless plates and bowls too.  The other thing I
love about it is that different patterns of blue and white all work 
together somehow.  It's magic!

Unique pieces with slightly different patterns, yet all
are holding their own in this niche.  

This basket is full of my very first collection of blue and white
transferware.  These are the child size dishes that started me on
my path to further collections.  Thank you Mama for giving me such
a good start.  I am missing you today on the fourth year of your
passing, but you left me with so many happy memories and I 
honor the life we shared.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Mixing and matching blue and white dishes is such a delightful thing to do . . . they go so well together and add a simple charm that a matching set doesn't quite have. Your collection is fantastic :)
    Connie :)

  2. I have had a long love affair with blue and white china too. Love your collection. xo Laura

  3. Timeless, alright and you have such a gorgeous collection.
    I adore transferware, I have collected dinner plates and salad plates in blue and white. The red and white in a complete tea set for twelve place settings I adore it. Then I have separate pieces of other colors.
    Like you is a passion I have.

    1. My hubby always teases me about how many dishes we own. II know we have lots, but it's amazing how I always manage to find something more :-)

  4. Nice! The blue and white with the backdrop of red paint is particularly striking and reminds me of the Colonial style I love so much. My Mom and her mom always preferred contemporary design, so no “hand me downs” to be had here. ☹️ I’m afraid thee will be no takers for all the lovely things I’ve collected. I have a son who it doesn’t seem will EVER get married!!!

  5. I love the blue and white. It's so fresh and lovely. And your china is especially beautiful. This reminds me of spring which I know will arrive. One day!

  6. Love your blue and white dishes. They look great in the basket all snuggled up together.


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