Monday, February 19, 2018

Cozy in My Country Cottage Kitchen

We have been having days and days of gray days.  Dark clouds rolling in and
out.  Some days have been quite cool and some have been warming up and
leading us to believe we are flirting with spring.   I don't mind the clouds, but
it's nice to see the sun once in a while too.  I know it's still out there because
every once and a while it peeks through just to tease us into a false state of
sunny security, and then poof ... it vanishes.

Even my cozy country cottage kitchen gets bathed in gray light.
That's okay, because I turn on lots of lights.  The under cabinet lights
are on, and all the little lamps are lit too.  This weather makes it so 
easy to imagine that I am living in a little cottage in the English
countryside.  That's not a problem for me ~ I live in that little cottage in
my mind quite often :-)

This weather has been just what I needed though.  I have some projects
that I have been putting off and putting off forever.  The biggest project
that I have begun to tackle is closet cleaning.  It is my least favorite thing
to do.  Here is how I have been tackling it ~ reluctantly, lol.  I started with
my bedroom closet because it was in fairly good shape and I wanted to
start on a good note.  I won't even think about tackling David's closet
right now, so I moved on to my studio/office closet.  That is the worst
mess ever, except for the linen closet in our master suite.  Both the 
craft closet and linen closet became catch alls for things I didn't know
what to do with when we moved into this house.  

Well ~ we have lived in this house for over four years now and I have
run out of excuses as to why these great storage places are such a mess.

Before I progress any further with this tale of shame, I must inform
you that I am what is classified as a better save that, because I don't 
know when I will need it type of girl.  This is a polite way of stating
that I am a pack rat.  However, I gathered all of my strength, 
forced myself to be ruthless, and started two piles ~ toss and give

Was this process painful?  Yes!   Did I have regrets?  Yes!  Were the sentimental
strings of my heart tattered?  Yes!  But, so far I have soldiered through.  
There have been fun moments when I discovered something great I had
completely forgotten.  Then there were the what was I thinking moments ;-)

Last weekend, a pile of things went to a local consignment shop.
Yesterday another couple of bags went to Goodwill.  We treated
ourselves to fruit smoothies afterwards.  

I think I will live through this ~ I really do.  The weather is
cooperating because it's too crummy to want to do yard work,
so I may as well take advantage of the mood to purge!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, I always love seeing all of your cottagey touches. ;)

  2. Tudo lindo.
    A louça é maravilhosa.
    Amei a galinha de louça.

  3. Susan, I remember when you moved into your "new" home because we moved into ours one year ahead of you and we are STILL on a mission to declutter. Five years after moving ALL THIS STUFF, we have pared it down by at least a good 1/3. It's a long process, but it does feel great to have some empty space on shelves and in cupboards. It really IS "freeing". Love your blog!

    1. I do indeed feel better unloading some of this stuff, and I do like an organized space. Unfortunately, I did not inherit the great organizational skills of my Mama. She was good at tossing too ;-)

  4. Oh- I have been doing that same thing for the last couple of years. Purging- sorting- giving-selling-it is a hard process, isn't it? However, once something is gone I feel a bit freer and lighter someone. Now, if I could only donate my extra pounds to someone I would feel really great. Any takers out there? Anyone? Anyone?

    Have a wonderful night and I hope you have a sunshiny day tomorrow. xo Diana

    ps. If it makes you feel any better we are in the middle of an ice storm.....

    1. Wouldn't that be great if we could just pull up to a place and unload our extra inches??? Is some super smart person working on that concept now? If you are and you go public ~ I will be happy to purchase some of your stock :-)

  5. I'm the odd woman out on these comments. Every time I get rid of something I find a use for it a year or two later. I live in a small starter home and the closet space is a joke. I did have a bedroom dedicated to my craft supplies-I called it my sanctuary. My brother needed a place to live and there went my sanctuary and a lot of stuff I donated. The hardest decision...the vanity my Aunt gave me (I loved rearranging vignettes monthly on it) or pack away my sewing machine which comes in helpful when I'm not crafting with it. The vanity obviously was too large to pack and I couldn't afford a storage unit so my vanity left. That was 7 years ago and I thought someone would get their act together and move out by now but I see it will be indefinite unless I sell this place and I will have no room for them. I heard evictions are expensive. I didn't make the mess they're in but I'm the one suffering and they act like an ingrate on top of it-like I'm being unreasonable to ask them to mow or shovel. Never again will I open my home to someone in need. When I get rid of him I won't miss him nearly as much as my vanity. I know people are worth more than things but when they are ingrates, I don't care anymore. Why are they entitled to intrude on my happiness, peace of mind, etc. The fact that it's a relative makes it worse. Public Service Announcement...think long and hard about letting someone move in with you...then think again. Repeat until you're content with saying no. Sorry I'm venting but I took my dog who has been battling cancer and doing quite well for 4 years for an ultrasound. They found a baseball size mass near her bladder-the reason she's had some accidents which is not like her. So I really need puppy prayers on her behalf. I know being a dog lover yourself you'll understand somewhat what I'm facing. P.S. I love country-love your red checks and apples. It is cozy.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved dog's illness. I will indeed pray for a recovery. About your brother ... while I think it is fine and admirable to help a friend or relative in need, there is a time for self sufficiency too. It is not unreasonable for you to ask for assistance around the house. This is not a hotel, it is your home and anyone who stays longer than a day or two, needs to participate in the home's care and upkeep. If you are paying the taxes and utilities and maintenance to keep this home, he needs to help out. Seven years is too long to wait for him to help you. Stand up for yourself. Asking for help with the chores is not being ungracious. I will back you up!

    2. Thank you Ms. Susan......I do feel a bit better today. Feeling like I was sucker punched at the vet's office I started having a pity party for myself. Plus we had about 15 inches of rain. I should have stayed off the internet until I got it together. I'm going to enjoy whatever time God gives me with her because he's already extended the time they thought by over a year. It's God's will so it's going to be alright. God Bless you.

  6. Sandra, I'm in a similar situation. My heart goes out to you. Prayers for your furbaby.
    Susan, I love this blog and the pictures are beautiful. I'm also purging what I can. The more I toss out, the more others bring in.

    1. Purging seems to be never ending, yet necessary. Only keep what you absolutely love and give away the rest. You won't miss it ~ I promise!

    2. Thank you Pugsmom....I've put you in my prayer list. I don't know your situation and that's okay because God does. I'm feeling much better today. God Bless you

  7. Days and days of gray (and wet) here, too. You have motivated me! I am on the never-ending Goodwill journey, the big problem being what to tackle first (again). And yes, you'll live through it. We all do. But it's a hard emotional trip, no matter how virtuous it feels when we're done! Hang in there -- you're doing great!


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