Friday, September 7, 2018

Helpful Fall Decor Ideas

It's still in the 90's here and exceptionally humid.  This weather hardly
puts one in the Fall decorating mood.  I don't like to go Fall crazy
too soon, because it's not officially Fall just yet.  I am one of those
girls who like to ease into the season.  

Regardless of all this heel dragging and moaning, I probably
should start thinking about what I will do.  One thing I know 
for sure is that I don't want to go crazy creating Fall all over
the house.  It's fun putting it out, not so much fun putting
it all away.   That being said, I will just use Fall scented 
candles and some Mums inside and keep it all simple.

However ....

I am going to put all my focus on decorating the
She Shed, that beloved little spot that I have named
Sweet Tea Cottage.  I need a little nudge to
get me going, in other words ....

What Did I Do Last Year???

Thank goodness for archives.  I can refresh my 
little gray cells with ideas from the past.  

Are you that way too?  Do you forget some of your decorating
creations from the past, or are they always fresh in your

Earlier this past spring, I reorganized my seasonal decorating
storage and gave lots of things away.    I saved the absolute
favorites and that's it.  

Shortly I will bring out the boxes of Fall.  I am not exactly
sure of what I want to do, what my theme will be, but I 
am sure it will come to me as I start playing around.  It
is safe to say there will probably be a trip to Hobby Lobby
in my future ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Fun and beautiful, Susan. Does your She Shed have AC?

  2. Susan your decor is so sweet and cute. We were in the 90's a few days ago and now have dropped into the low 70's which feels so much better. Very chilly at night and cooler the last few days. Hope that continues and we do not go back up in the hot temps. Happy Weekend.

  3. When your decor is as pretty as yours is, takes very little to add fall touches. Lovely!

  4. No, I don't usually remember what I do from time to time. But I did start early this year because I'm just so in the mood for fall. I'm an early bird, anyway. I mean...don't slap me...but I even have my Thanksgiving deco out. And then November 1st, I'll even put out Christmas. I just love the creativity and handling it. Thank you for the idea of twine around the books. Love that.

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  6. I love your photographs and your eye for color. Beautiful ideas!!


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