Friday, September 21, 2018

I Left My Heart in Virginia

Almost immediately after our wedding in Houston, the moving van
arrived and packed us up for our new home in Virginia.  I was so 
excited about moving to our new home in a state I loved so much.

Here I am behind the wheel of our Jeep Grand Wagoneer.  It was
one of those classics with the "wood" trim on the sides.   As I recall
when this photo was taken, I was driving through North Carolina, 
probably too fast, because I was so anxious to get home.

Fall always makes me nostalgic for this state.  The Fall festivals in
Northern Virginia were always fabulous, picture post card type 
events set in lovely little towns.  Oh how I long to be there right now.

My love affair with the state started in childhood.  My parents took many
trips to Virginia before I was born.  Then when I came along, the tradition
continued.  They took me to all the places they loved, seeing them all 
again through fresh new eyes.  I loved every minute of our trips through
Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville and Williamsburg.
I remember spending so much time in the pool at the Williamsburg Inn
that my skin shriveled.  It was heaven!

My home sweet home will always be the suburbs of Chicago's North
Shore.  I have lived in NYC and loved it,  the beautiful state of Idaho too,
and still own property up in the mountains there.  Now I am once again
back in Texas, but in my heart of hearts, I will always hold dear the
state of Virginia.  

I lived in horse country in the most beautiful and historic town
you can imagine.  Every day was magic there, like a village out
of a well loved fairy tale.  The cottage we lived in had views of
the Blue Ridge, a very old low stone wall around the property,
a little red barn out back where a fox made residence.  The drive
into town was seven miles of beautiful scenery through forest
and past beautiful horse farms and estates and over charming
one lane bridges.  Everything I dreamed about.  Enchanting!

Here I am in South Texas dreaming of a wonderful time of my life
back in Virginia where the season of Fall is displayed in all it's glory.
You will read much more about these glorious settings when the first book
of my mystery series is published.  

Thanks for spending time with me and sharing some wonderful memories.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Virginia is really beautiful. We have property in Madison county. Beautiful view of the Blue Ridge.

  2. Hi Susan..We too lived in Virginia but only for one year. There is so much history there and places to visit! I have the cookbook from Williamsburg too...glorious fall seasons and very cold winters! Oh those BLUE RIDGE mountains are just magnificent. Lovely post today!

    1. It truly is a wonderful and genteel kind of state!

  3. I have never been to Virginia, but just had company a couple of weeks ago that spent 6 weeks traveling our beautiful Country, and they traveled through Virginia and spoke of how beautiful it was. I am so excited to hear that you will be publishing a mystery series. Can't wait! Jill

  4. BRAVO!! My favorite article yet! Yes, Virginia is so special and I miss it terribly, often wondering if I made a mistake by leaving. And, I can NOT wait for your mysteries.


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