Friday, February 15, 2019

Bentley and His Senior Moments

First of all, I want to wish y'all a belated Happy Valentine's Day.  I have
come to know and love each of you who visit me, and I want you to
know how very dear your friendship has become.

I had planned a Valentine's Day post for yesterday, but didn't have the
time to post because I was busy with Bentley.  He is just about a couple
of months beyond age 13 now, and his age is beginning to show.  Most of
the time he is fine and manages with his blindness.  He eats well, and
loves his walks.  He doesn't seem to have any arthritic issues and is
generally quite healthy.  That being said, he has his occasional days
where he seems a bit confused and hyperactive.  He gets restless and
can't seems to sit still.  Yesterday was one of those days.  We spent
quite a bit of time outside in the yard because the weather was so
mild.  That seems to help him work off some excess energy.  He
spent time exploring and barking when he could hear the squirrels
running up and down the trees.  

I try to spend as much time with him as I can on these days.
I reassure him that I am close and he is safe and fine.  This does
seem to help.  He settled down in the late afternoon and took
a nap.  He seemed more like himself when his Daddy came home,
and they had their usual long greeting session together.

Today he seems fine.  In the past, the days when he is restless
are followed by many normal days.  Y'all know how very much 
I love this little peanut, and that he always comes first.   

I hope each of you had a special day with the ones you love.
I did with mine.

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. How beautiful, Susan! I have not been on my blog for quite a while. Love seeing your posts again

  2. It is so hard to see our pets age and the changes that happen to them. I am glad that the blindness is not really an issue with him but I am sorry he has those days where he is confused or not himself.
    I hope you have a glorious weekend- xo Diana

  3. Bently is lucky to have a loving family. I think we all need to pay more attention to our fur babies. I know Sadie is quick to let us know when she wants attention. Happy belated Valentine's to you too.

  4. You are a wise woman to stop and spend that time with Bentley. You will never regret a single second of it. Ever.

  5. Bless little Bentley and his Momma too. Yes, we must set priorities which means our loved ones come first. Spend as much time as you can with him. I lost my little ray of sunshine last July-it still hurts but I'm getting back to a normal routine without her. The doctors didn't think she would live very long after they found some inoperable tumors in 2013 but we were blessed with her until 2018. I believe puppy prayers helped. I couldn't do any crafts for months until I seen a project I wanted to do with her photo printed on fabric. That helped me get back to crafting. When life would take it's toll which is almost every day now, I could spend time with her or work on my craft projects and life seemed brighter. Crafting couldn't help me through my grief, I think because she used to be by my side or at my feet and I just couldn't do it. I worked like a maniac outdoors last summer despite the 100+ heat index almost every day. I'm glad I found that project before winter set in and it has been a crazy winter in the Midwest-a little of everything. So hug and kiss on Bentley and enjoy every minute. I'm glad he's adjusted to his blindness. I seen so much in the waiting room while Phoebe went through chemo, etc. I think animals are more adept at adjusting to being blind or having 3 legs, etc than people. I tend to moan and groan and have pity parties all over the place. So blogging and your readers can wait. Have a fantastic weekend.

  6. You have the right reasons for spending time now with your bestie instead of wishing you had later! Enjoy the time now!

  7. I'm sorry he has a rough go of it some days. I hope you have many, many more good days together.

  8. You and Bentley bless each other...I love reading posts about the little sweetie.


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