Monday, February 4, 2019

Wow ~ What a Mess!

I thought I needed more aluminum foil until I went to clean out the deep
drawer in the kitchen where all the baggies, foil and parchment paper live.
I was inspired to do this by fellow Instagrammer, Tikka.  She straightened
her's out last night and reminded me to go do mine too.

Not only do I not need aluminum foil, but I don't need parchment paper
or baggies either.  When I pulled everything out of that messy drawer,
I completely amazed myself.

This is a really big storage bag.  I have a roll of them from my sister-in-law
who has a friend who gives them out every year.  Great message!

I have to get back to work now.  See y'all soon!

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I was looking for 'something else' this week and I found 3 tin foil boxes, parchment, clingwrap (3) plus wax paper, boxes I have never opened, boxes of way to many small bags. Winter adventure.


    1. I have learned that we discover amazing finds when we shop the house! I thought I needed aluminum foil, but in fact I already have 4 rolls!

  2. I thought I should straighten out my drawer too after seeing Tikka, but you did it! Time for me to do it now. Great message on that big bag! Have a great day Susan!

    1. Hi Nancy! Isn't Tikka a hoot? I just love her!!

  3. Keeping track of household inventory can be daunting! We shop at Costco so have giant boxes of things.


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