Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Calgon ~ Take Me Away!

Do y'all remember that ad from Calgon Bath Products?  Well, at the
moment I would love to be soaking in the tub and just letting the bubbles
take me away to a magical place that is peaceful and quiet.

For the past two days, I have been listening to the sound of chain 
saws and big chunks of oak tree limbs hit the ground.  The tree
trimmers are here to clip off all the suckers from the limbs and
to clean out the dead branches.  They started at 8 am yesterday 
morning and didn't quit until after 5 pm in the evening.  They 
shout from the ground ... "take more off there, a little to the right".
Many of the limbs hang over our roof, so I can hear the sound of
boots walking around. The same thing is going on today.

No tree is left untouched.  The crepe myrtles are getting a
haircut too.  There are five or six guys on the crew and they
are working really hard.  

Coincidentally, we have another plumbing problem no
doubt caused by the same huge trees.  I think that our
plumber has my cell phone number memorized.  Years ago,
before we bought this house, the same plumber convinced the
owners to install clean outs to make it easier to clean out any
roots that were making their way into the line.  So today in 
addition to all the chain saw noise, I am also hearing the 
roto rooter machine humming away.  It's turning out to 
be a bigger problem than originally thought, so don't know
when they will be done.

Meanwhile little Bentley is a bit confused.  He can hear all
of the commotion, but he just can't see it.   He has not been
able to freely explore his yard, and of course that does not
make him too happy.  


  1. The good news is that you are accomplishing a lot, probably at great cost, but won't the results be wonderful.

  2. Poor Bentley. We used to have roots in our pipes but then we got PVC pipe installed and haven't had issues outside since. However, our kitchen sink clogged and we couldn't get it to drain with the auger I bought. They said we had a break but it could have been under the cabinet, somewhere under the living room closet or in the living room under our fairly new laminated flooring. I will never ever buy a house on a concrete slab again. They jack hammered our kitchen to lay a drain pipe across it and to the outside, then took it along the side of the house to the front yard so they could attach it out there. What a dusty mess. Those maple trees in our front yard to be cut down because dead limbs and huge branches are falling and stabbing about 4 inches or more into the ground. I hate to even get an estimate so we may only be able to cut them half down which is an eyesore but I'm retired with a limited income. I don't think the Hosta plants and squirrels will be happy either. I love trees but they are becoming too much of a safety hazard.

  3. Hi Susan (and Bentley!), Hope things have quieted down at your house by now. I love your photos of flowers by your door - we'll have to wait another month for more for that in Maine. DH and I are in Florida right now taking a break from the cold at home. Hopefully, when we get back, Spring will be on its way! Even though I don't always comment, I always enjoy your blog. Happy St. Pat's Day, Cheryl


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