Monday, March 18, 2019

Planning for Spring and Easter Decor

I have not been doing any big tablescapes lately, and now I am in the
mood to do something fun.  Wednesday is the first day of Spring and I
am so ready for it, and know you are too.  What better way to usher in
Spring than with a table all decked out and celebrating the season.

I found these darling Caspari beverage napkins when I was in Brenham
a couple of weeks ago.  My plan is to take white wooden eggs from
Hobby Lobby and decoupage them with the images.  I think it will be 
bright and cheerful, looking like Spring but not necessarily Easter.

The eggs in the carton are paper mâché.  I base coated them with happy
spring pastels and will be hand painting them next.  I am looking forward 
to a big scene with these eggs as a component.

The tree trimmers and the plumbers are gone.   Our yard man came to
cut the grass and pick up the leaves.  Hopefully most of them are down

The inflammation in my bronchial tubes has improved.  Now I am
having an issue with anemia.  It's a problem I have battled most of 
my life.  When it hits, I feel like staying in bed all day because I am
too exhausted to do much else.  I have added iron, B12 and C into my
diet in larger quantities and hopefully will be my usual self once again.
I am normally so healthy, but this Fall and Winter have been tough on
me.  I am looking forward to warmer and sunnier days more than 
ever before.

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. What pretty eggs you have, my dear!!!!
    And I love love that bunny plate!!!
    Have you ever had your Vit D level checked????
    I have to take Vit D supplements daily--esp now that I am back in NY where it is cloudy all
    the time--when I lived in Fl I didn't have to take them as often as I was outside for a short walk everyday and the sunshines about 360 days a year there--
    the tiredness could be part of that being too low--
    Just an idea--for you--
    luv, di

  2. I can't wait to see those eggs all dolled up. LOVE those napkins and they should decoupage beautifully!
    I am sorry that you suffer from anemia. I border on that sometimes, too. Like my doctor said, "you would never know it to look at you" love a doctor like that. Hopefully, you will get your system built back up and be outrunning the rabbits in your yard soon. xo Diana

  3. Hi Susan, I just love that plate on the stand. It's so pretty with the napkins. You are so talented and I can't wait to see the eggs all dolled up. I suffered with anemia when I was younger before I had to have female surgery. I won't bore everyone with any details but I'm sure you will understand. It makes you feel like you haven't any energy. I have a set of ceramic Easter eggs that a wonderful neighbor of my mothers gave to me as a gift when our twins were born in April 1972. All the pastel colors and each of our names written in gold script. I cherish them and display them every year for Easter/spring. Have a great afternoon and glad your feeling better and I wish you well. ( I miss you on FB and my friends and family too. I may cave and rejoin ).

  4. Everything looks very pretty and Spring like. Love the bunnies. The first purple crocus' came out today. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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