Friday, March 12, 2021

In the Kitchen With Susan and Oliver

In our house, the kitchen is always an active place.  Lots of meal prep,
sitting at the breakfast bar drinking coffee and doing crosswords,
Oliver always nearby.  Since we spend so much time in here, I have
decorated the kitchen with things I love.  Lots of copper, lots of
baskets, pretty plates.  It's not sleek and utilitarian, rather cozy and
well loved.

As in other parts of the house, I love setting up vignettes.  
Happy little spots displaying things I love.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the favorite niches of
your own home!  

Susan and Oliver



  1. My mother would have loved your kitchen! She had all sorts of wonderful chicken goodies, many of which I now have because I couldn’t bear to let them go. Everything here looks just lovely, and charming, as you tend to make all things. That dish with the lid and the chicken as the handle, is wonderful!

  2. Love all your copper and your roosters.

  3. What a lovely and cozy kitchen!

  4. As usual, beautiful photos. Your home looks happys.

  5. I love all your copper pots, and your kitchen is also roosters. I have white rooster canisters (hobby lobby) and a standing galvanized rooster that I love.

  6. Your kitchen is both beautiful and inviting. Susan. xo Laura

  7. I love your kitchen the copper, baskets and dishes, all my favorite things


Oliver and I LOVE and read every comment.


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