Tuesday, March 23, 2021

New Additions


I have a lot of garden clean up to do, but I thought I would just stop
by and share some photos of the new additions to my
breakfast room.  This area has been decorated and redecorated
more than once, but I was tired of how it looked, so I
added a couple of pretty plates and a copper mold.  Ya'll
know how much I love copper!

So now I am really loving this spot.

I also changed out the milk glass pitcher for a red
transferware one.  I'm loving this one too.

Well, off to the garden.  I am hoping that the live oaks 
will stop dropping their leaves soon.  I will be bagging
more leaves from beds today.  My azaleas are blooming, 
but nothing like their usual splendor.  The freezing temps
were tough on them.  I lost my Mexican Heather and looks
like my Carolina Jasmine too.  So sad.  More later ....

Susan and Oliver


  1. Who could not love copper and transferware. Good luck in the garden. xo Laura

  2. Everything that you do is always filled with such charm. I had to really study this picture in order to determine that it was your actual home and not the miniature. The light switches gave it away. :-)

  3. Stopped into say hi.....so glad to meet you. Scrolled down to read a few more posts so I could get a feel for the REAL you. You and I have a lot in common I'll be by again.


  4. Love the red/pink pottery too. Haven't done copper but I can see the bright shine would be fun. We've moved to a smaller cottage from the farm so I'm starting all over in my yard and house too.

  5. Every weds night I pray for the bloggers I follow.
    Sending thoughts of love and hope to your family. Gail


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