Tuesday, March 23, 2021

New Additions


I have a lot of garden clean up to do, but I thought I would just stop
by and share some photos of the new additions to my
breakfast room.  This area has been decorated and redecorated
more than once, but I was tired of how it looked, so I
added a couple of pretty plates and a copper mold.  Ya'll
know how much I love copper!

So now I am really loving this spot.

I also changed out the milk glass pitcher for a red
transferware one.  I'm loving this one too.

Well, off to the garden.  I am hoping that the live oaks 
will stop dropping their leaves soon.  I will be bagging
more leaves from beds today.  My azaleas are blooming, 
but nothing like their usual splendor.  The freezing temps
were tough on them.  I lost my Mexican Heather and looks
like my Carolina Jasmine too.  So sad.  More later ....

Susan and Oliver

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