Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Know It's Too Soon, But ....

We have not even celebrated Halloween yet and Thanksgiving is weeks away,
but I am already starting to think about Christmas decorations.

Are you thinking about Christmas too?

I am blaming it on the Hallmark Channel!  They have been advertising
their Christmas movies and now my mind has been highjacked ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Friday, October 21, 2016

Things I Love About My Home

David and Bentley and I love our home.  It's our nest, the place where we
laugh, enjoy cooking, relax and share our lives.  There are some special
things I love about this nest and here are just a few.

Every morning while making tea or coffee, I see this little scene above.
It's a vignette that just makes me smile.  

I have two of these toile covered chairs in my living room.  My Mom 
and I found these chairs in a wonderful antique shop in North Carolina
and had them shipped here to Texas.  Our living room is the most 
wonderful spot to be in the morning when the sun comes streaming
through the very large Southern Colonial style windows.  Such a 
happy place.  I call it my morning room with it's sunny yellow walls.

Staffordshire figurines and books, lots of books.  We are readers.  I tend to
read more books than David, he loves his Wall Street Journal and reads it
every day.  We enjoy magazines too like Garden & Gun and Texas Monthly.
I love my Southern Living too and try out recipes from the issue each month.

I love the old scale in my kitchen, and baskets, many, many baskets.

Now this scene is not in my home, but from Marburger Farm last year.
I wish I had purchased some of these vintage red leather books.  I am still
kicking myself that I didn't snatch some up because I know they would
be right at home in our house.

Y'all know I love my roos! 

This little pitcher I found on eBay.  I have a soft spot for anything 

And of course, I love the island in my kitchen.  It's the heart of 
our home.

Take a walk around your own home and focus on all the things you
love about it and fall in love with your house all over again!
Make it a great Friday!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, October 20, 2016

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

For the past ten plus years, my life story has been interwoven with the 
most over the top characters imaginable.  People with such, anything but 
normal type of behavior, that has led me to believe ~
You can't make this stuff up!

During this time while surrounded by this craziness, I have often
wondered ....

Why have I been cast a role in this drama?  Am I just a casual
observer standing in the wings, or am I an integral character?

I believe that Oprah once said something like ....

God drops pebbles on your head before He drops the brick

If I have misquoted Oprah, I apologize, but I have come to realize that
there are reasons why a message is delivered, and delivered again and
again until one stops ignoring the message and takes steps to unravel
it's meaning.

So now I am digging in my heels and doing the hard work of putting
all these messages into focus and bringing them to life.  

I am polishing up my story telling skills to weave some tall and not
so tall tales.  Tales that will put into meaning the saying ....

Three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket.

I have come to realize that is why God sent me back to Texas.
Down here in South Texas among the big old Live Oaks,
is just the perfect spot for weaving story lines and telling tales.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Cure for Election Anxiety

I don't know about you, but I am thoroughly exhausted from all the
election coverage, infighting, name calling and what my Mom 
would have called a lack of decorum.

I refuse to read any more news coverage, watch any news programs,
nor engage in any political arguments.  Constant reviewing of the polls 
and listening to the shouting matches and wiki leaks had frazzled my
nerves and when I could hear myself shouting at the TV ~ I 
realized that I had enough!

I am not listening to the news while eating my morning oatmeal.
When I bring in the morning paper, I skip the headlines and head
right for the crossword and Sudoku.  

I only play music I love on my phone or on CD.  I have pulled out
my collection of funny old sitcoms and fun movies I love.  If it's not
a comedy, it's not happening at our house right now.

World War III could have started, but there is no clue of any
turmoil in this house.  We are in the No Spin Zone ~ and I am
loving the peace!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Featured in American Miniaturist

For the past several years, collecting and curating with dollhouse
miniatures has become a beloved hobby for me.  I was enchanted by
the charming miniature rooms created by my new miniaturist
friends who inspired me to begin curating my own tiny rooms.

When I learned that the editor of American Miniaturist
wanted to feature me, I was both honored and thrilled.

I want to thank the editor, Auralea, for such a nice feature.

I was also featured in last year's October issue of 
The Doll's House magazine. That feature was a web review.
The editor found my blog and I had no idea I was going to
be featured until she asked for my permission to use my
photos.  You just never know who is reading your blog!

Writing this little blog has been such a happy adventure for me.
I have met some wonderful friends whom I treasure.  It has 
carried me through sad days of loss and encouraged me to 
stretch my horizons.  Sometimes I am asked how I can continue
writing?   To be truthful, how can I not?  This blog has 
become such an important chapter of my life and I am 
looking forward to seeing where it leads me next.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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