Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Christmas Trees Are Coming

Early this morning I went to my favorite nursery to select two
Christmas trees.   I chose one for the family room and another 
larger one for the living room.  They are being delivered this
afternoon and I am so anxious to start decorating them!

I moved the furniture in both rooms to make a space for each tree.
I vacuumed around the vacant spots I created with assistance from
Bentley who loves to bark at the vacuum cleaner.  I remember when
he was a tiny puppy and I would be so reluctant to vacuum because
I didn't want to disturb his puppy naps.  The first time I started the
vacuum, he came running out in full attack mode.  It was so cute
and funny because he was so tiny, but so fearless!  While he has
outgrown some of his puppy games, he has never stopped
attacking the vacuum :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Some New Christmas Ornaments

Every year I add to our collection of Christmas ornaments, and this
year is no exception.  I couldn't pass up this little red truck filled with
Christmas trees.  It reminds me of when David and I were first dating
and he had a red pick-up truck.  I had never dated anyone with a red
truck before and I fell in love with him and his truck too.  The first
time we traded vehicles and I got to drive his truck all afternoon, I
was smitten.  I have loved pick-ups ever since.  This pick-up came
from Pottery Barn.

These ice skates are new too.  When I was a little girl, my parents took
me to outdoor ice skating rink.  It was the same one that Kevin slid
across in the movie Home Alone.  I took figure skating lessons for a
few years and I loved every minute of it.  These skates from Hobby
Lobby will be perfect for the tree in our family room.

I bought this reindeer just because I love it.  It is also from
Pottery Barn.

And finally, this little snowman, trees and lantern is also from
Pottery Barn.  It lights up too.

I can't wait to see it on our tree!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, November 28, 2016

Back From Our Mini Vacation

David, Bentley and I headed to Austin over the weekend to
spend our Thanksgiving at Barton Creek Resort.  We left
on Wednesday evening. We arrived to a very festive and 
packed resort which really made the occasion so exciting.

The resort put on a huge Thanksgiving afternoon brunch
with great food, great music and lots of champagne.   We
enjoyed all of it knowing that afterwards we didn't have to
drive anywhere.

Bentley enjoyed a turkey dinner up in our room and a long walk
following his feast.  There were quite a few other dogs at the 
resort and Bentley had fun meeting them on our many walks.
He is just so sweet with everyone he meets, even other dogs,
and I never have to worry about taking him anywhere.

Austin is such a fun city and we had fun joining other
Black Friday shoppers.  I picked up a few extra ornaments at
Pottery Barn.  They have such a big focus on tartan this
year and I just couldn't resist.  Every year I keep saying that
I won't buy any new Christmas decorations, and every year
I weaken.  Does that happen to you?

When we returned home last night, we checked our bedroom to 
see if the mouse was caught.  He had been in my closet.  We knew
this for sure based on two signs.  First of all, I left an empty Coke
bottle with some peanut butter inside.  The bottle was empty and
there were mouse droppings inside.  Then the one bait box that
was left on the closet floor was moved from the wall and pushed
out to the middle of the closet, so he went for the bait.  The sticky
traps were left undisturbed.  According to what I have read, the
bait takes anywhere from four to six days to kill the mouse, and 
since I don't see him anywhere, I don't know if he is in fact dead.
So now, I wait and in the meantime, I spent last night sleeping in
my studio.  

On a very sad note, I am afraid that my iMac desktop has died.
With Christmas coming,  that will be my present.  I can't remember
when I bought that Mac, but it's been quite a while.  For now, I
am using my Macbook Pro.  I am missing my laptop with it's 
27 inch screen, but I will muddle through for the time being.

Tonight we have our meeting with the police department to
discuss setting up a new neighborhood watch program after
the recent break-ins.  Some of our neighbors are talking about
hiring an off duty cop to patrol regularly.  I am glad that our
new security system is working well now.  We had a few
glitches, but it's all functioning properly now.  I am looking
forward to rodent free, burglar free days ahead!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shopping, Fun and Food

David, Bentley and I have been having fun since Wednesday night
when the holiday weekend began.  We have been shopping,
eating, sleeping in late and having fun!

No work, no worries, and no news.

The weather has cooled off here and I we are wearing sweaters 
and going for long walks with Bentley.

It's time for trimming trees and stringing lights.  I hope y'all 
are enjoying the long weekend.  We sure are!  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Uninvited for Thanksgiving Dinner

The election earlier this month has created quite a bit of
friction between the supporters of the winning candidate and 
the ones who supported the loser.  Of all the elections I have
witnessed in my lifetime, this one has created the biggest
rift not only between the voters, but between family members
as well.

I have refrained from discussing the results and am not
focusing on them here.  I am however, concerned about the
nasty, snarky comments that are being written on Facebook
between friends and sadly, between family members.

It's often been said that the discussion of politics and or
religion is best avoided in social situations.  From what I
have read on Facebook, that is a concept that is not
currently being followed.  I have read some very nasty,
snarky comments between people who are supposed to be
friends.  There has been a great deal of name calling and
belittling of those who voted for the "wrong" candidate, 
whoever that may have been.

This behavior has not been limited to Facebook.  Families are being
torn apart by this election as well.  I recently read about a mother who
uninvited her own child to Thanksgiving dinner because this adult child
voted for the "wrong" candidate.

I don't have much of a family any longer.  My parents are both gone now
and my beloved Aunt Susan died last year too.  I have some cousins, but
with the exception of one, I do not hear much from them.  I am fine, and
not asking for your sympathy because I have a loving husband and a very
good marriage, a dog we both adore, very good friends and especially my
adopted "sister" Robin Carr who fills my heart with joy.  I feel blessed to
have so much love in my life.  That being said, when family members
have passed on, there is a void in your life that cannot be replaced. 
Please consider that tomorrow.  Don't disinvite anyone to share your
holiday feast because their political views differ from your own.  Let
the holidays be a time for making happy memories, not tearful ones.

We are fortunate to live in a nation that allows freedom of speech and
the opportunity to choose our leaders.  Please embrace this idea and
allow for some tolerance.  Don't allow an empty seat at your 
Thanksgiving table become a regret.

Some years back, while my parents were still alive, they had a 
neighbor who they liked very much despite the fact that they had
very different political views.   This woman always spent 
Thanksgiving alone until we found out she did so.  Since I always
hosted the dinner at my house, I decided to invite her to our
holiday feast and included her with our family and friends.  We
did this for many years.  She always brought the most delicious
pie in a sweet basket and my parents would pick her up and
drive her to our home.  For one day, we would put politics
aside and focus on what we shared in common.  Jeanne was
a beloved friend of us all and when she passed away we were all
deeply saddened.  

Family and extended family are precious.  Life is fragile.
Please don't let politics cut the ties that bind.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving 
filled with good food, and most importantly, good memories.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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