Monday, September 22, 2014

Inherited But Unloved

I don't know if this has happened to you, but I suspect it has for 
many.  You inherit something from someone you love but you
really don't care for it.  Not everyone has the same taste, especially
when it comes to home furnishings.  

So here it is ~ my inherited but unloved piece.  It's a server.  It's 
actually a good quality piece, but the style is one I would never 
choose.  It is extremely functional.  The top opens up like a book,
giving you a wide surface to serve food.  Inside there is ample
storage and a silver cloth lined drawer.   I don't think it works 
with my hardwood floor in the dining room.  It seems as though
the piece just grew up out of the floor.  

It's not something I want to keep.  It belonged to my Mom, so it has
sentimental value, however she was not all that fond of it either.
A designer in Phoenix talked her into it.  She really wanted another
piece, but she caved.  The lesson to be learned here is stick to your
guns!  Don't let someone (no matter how well intentioned) talk you
into buying something you don't love.

Since I have not found the piece I want to replace it, and with the
holidays looming ahead, I decided to keep it for now but paint it.

I think I can live with it a bit longer now.  I still don't love it, but at
least it stands alone now and does not look like an outgrowth of the
floor.  I do apologize for this pic.  The actual paint color is closer
to the image below.

I distressed it a bit too of course.

Any guesses how long it will take David to notice I painted the
server?  I never know for sure. Sometimes he surprises me and 
mentions it right away.  Other times he notices but just does not 
say anything.  That happens more often because he really prefers
furniture to be stained.  Y'all know what I am talking about here.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Toolbox Tea

It's a cloudy and quiet morning in my studio.  The soundtrack from the movie 
Miss Potter is playing in the background.  I packed up my toolbox with a 
little teapot, a favorite cup and saucer and some daisies and carried it 
back from the kitchen to my studio to begin a day of work.

I set it on my chair and it looked so cute I thought I would share a few
pics of it with you.  Bentley is still outside exploring his garden after
last night's rain.  As soon as I let him back inside he will insist that I
remove this tool box immediately because after all he has claimed 
this chair for his own and must take a morning nap there while I am
working at my desk.

Bentley is very particular about his schedule and does not like to have it
interrupted by my decorating whims.  And he is so sweet, how can I refuse?

I just heard his woof at the porch door.  One last pic before the little
peanut returns for his cozy morning nap.

Bentley came in and jumped right into his chair.  I wonder if he
guessed that it was occupied while he was gone ???

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Muse Is Tugging My Sleeve

My muse has been spending time with me all morning.  Tugging my
sleeve, encouraging day dreams, keeping me from dealing with any
sort of reality.  

My muse can be very jealous.  When she wants my attention, she will be
quite cross if I deny her.  

So I am giving into her wishes and letting my inner voice
win out over any other voices around me.  

For I have come to trust her and know that when I listen closely to
her whispers, all sorts of creative paths are cleared for me.

Have you listened to your muse lately?

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's One of "Those" Days

I'm having what I call one of "those days".  Y'all know the kind I mean.
A day where there are tons of tasks to get through and none of them are
fun or interesting, but all of them are necessary to keep one's little ship

This tin container is filled with documents that need to be shredded.
It's not hard.  I have already sorted through all of it to make sure
that nothing needs to be saved, but shredding is so time consuming
and b-o-r-i-n-g!

Then there is filing.  This filing cabinet is in my studio, hence the
dollhouse furniture on the top.  This is a small stack.  I have another
stack too.  My Mom was a master of organization.  I on the other hand
have ADD and did not inherit any of her skills.  

It's one of those days when I ask myself ~

Why was I in such a hurry to grow up?

Oh well, no going back now.  Just one of the many joys of
adulthood :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lucy and Ethel Paper Hangers

Saturday I went over to Hobby Lobby with the idea that I would look
for some additional fall decorations, but instead came home with this.
A framed Sweet Tea recipe, on sale, how could I resist?  It is hanging
in the breakfast room.  After all, I drink iced tea all day long so it
seems very appropriate!

I rearranged the breakfast room table centerpiece ever so slightly.
I love this room, but I want to paint the walls a creamy white and paint
the paneled wainscoting too.  While I am looking forward to it's completion,
I am not looking forward to the task itself.  There is a lot of 
painting I want done in the house.  Here is my ~

Big To Do List

The Breakfast Room
The Kitchen
The Hallway of One Wing of the House
My Studio
The Guest Bedroom
The Laundry Room

Yikes!  That's a lot of painting.  I want to repaint the living
room walls too but maybe I will get a professional painter to
do that since the ceiling is higher in that room and the room is
just plain big.  

I'm still trying to decide on a wallpaper for the guest bath.
I am going to have that done because I don't trust myself
to do it.  Especially after seeing this ...

I love to watch I Love Lucy on the Hallmark Channel.  Remember when Lucy and
Ethel tried to hang wallpaper themselves in Lucy's bedroom?

There is a good chance that with me hanging the paper, it may turn out
like this ;-)

Did I ever show you the gallery wall in my breakfast room?  It will be
so much better when I paint this wall a lighter color.  It is always so
dark in this room.  I think I should talk to my electrician about installing
recessed lighting too.  There is only a chandelier in here now and
it's attractive, but does not throw off that much light.  It's cloudy 
here today too and that doesn't help when trying to take pics.
It's been my experience that electricians hate to install recessed lighting
in an older home.  It means that one of them will have to crawl up into
attic.  Never one of their favorite things to do.  I'll have to bake
cookies to bribe them.

Well that's all for now.  David left me with a list of things
to do today and so far I have only completed one task.
Better hustle!

Tweak It Tuesday

I have to give Bentley a bath too.  That is one huge
task because he really hates baths and squirms all over
the tub.  I should be wearing a rain suit lol!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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