Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Juicer and OJ Decanter

Here is my vintage Juice -O-Mat Juicer and a vintage orange juice decanter. Fun and kitschy!!

Good for you too. Great way to get your vitamin C each morning! Suzanne is still on vacation, but she still has the Vintage Thingie Thursday post up, so be sure to visit all of the other bloggers participating this week!

Bentley wants you all to know that he likes oranges and grapefruit too!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. A fun little gadget, I'll bet it works good too-enjoy!

  2. Oh my gosh I remember having one of those in our home as!
    I still have a really old toaster (my grandmother's) I should post a picture of some day soon, it is so pretty and they put so much decorative detail into it, it is a wonder. Even the screws have flowers detailed on the heads, is that wild or what?
    They just don't make things with the same attention to graceful detail anymore...sniff.
    Thanks for the great memory...
    Tina xo

  3. I love your vintage thingie! It makes me all warm and fuzzy! Hold it, maybe that was sweet Bentley :)

  4. love vintage vintage anything!

  5. What a sweet decanter, I've never seen one like it before, though we did have a red juicer like yours when I was growing up. Happy VTT!

  6. I used to have a very old juicers. Over the ears, it disappeared. Yours looks like a newer model than the one I had.

  7. Hi Susan! I bet that work better than the huge mashers they use today. Bentley, You are so lucky
    poor Shadow can't eat those or tomatoes. They hurt his tummy..too much acid.
    Don't forget to get MomSusan to come over to my blog...if she hasn't yet.... for my little giveaway surprize. You or Susan can leave a comment any time this week to enter ^..^

  8. How fun! Bet you make some yummy juice with that.

  9. That's a great juicer! Love the lines of it and the color.

  10. I probably haven't had a grapefruit or orange for over 20 years. Acid reflux.

  11. Oh, those are fun. That juicer makes me think of my grandmother's kitchen for some reason - I'll have to ask my mother if she had something like that. And the decanter is just too cute and kitschy!


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