Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kitchen Painting Progress and Sneak Preview

I  have a vintage hutch in my kitchen that I found at a yard sale in
Houston before I got married.  It was in sad shape when I got it.  I
painted it a country blue and lined the shelves with a Laura Ashley
print.  It was the style of the time.

As I recall, part of the reason I lined the shelves with fabric is because there
was some kind of stain that was on the shelves that refused to accept paint.

This little hutch went from Houston to Middleburg, Virginia and then 
finally to Idaho where it has lived ever since in my kitchen.

But times change and I felt that it needed some updating, so it's been
painted with some of my homemade chalk paint and I have stripped
the fabric off the shelves.

So here it is now freshly painted.  It still stores many things I love though,
and that will probably never change.  

Bits and pieces collected and loved throughout the years.

My mother-in-law sent me this adorable little girl and she lives on the 
Beatrix Potter shelf.  

I am still painting the kitchen cabinets and making an under
the sink skirt.  I will show you pics as I progress.  

I am joining ~

Bentley has been terrorizing the squirrels all day long.  He is 
napping now because he is exhausted.  Now those poor squirrels
are getting some much needed relief!

Susan and Bentley


  1. ever so talented and amazing, friend.
    loved it blue- adore it in white...


  2. What a sweet re-do. Love all your blue & white treasures.

  3. I love the update on the cabinet. I am in the progress of painting my kitchen cabinets. I have managed one coat so they are looking pretty sad right now, lol It is so hot here that Cocoa and Theo don't care about chasing anything in their yard. Ugh! Bentley, rest up, tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett says!

  4. Oh Susan, it looks beautiful and fresh! I love it! I can't wait to see more of your reveal as you continue your kitchen facelift!

    Have a great week!


  5. It is a perfect backdrop for your blue and white china collection Susan. Bentley can come have my squirrels.

  6. Lovin' the clean crisp lines of the newly whitened kitchen hutch.

    Also LOVE Beatrix Potter. Have you ready any of the "Cottage Tales" written by Susan Wittig Albert which feature Beatrix as the lead character? They are replete with "life facts" about her and I love them.

  7. Beautiful! The blue stands out much better against the white background. Happy Trails to you, too!

  8. Oooh...your hutch has really stepped up in the world. It's gorgeous in the white. I like your blue chintz pieces. I have a few pieces that I also enjoy. Dickens is always busy patrolling the yard for squirrels, too. He's currently curled up in his snuggle at the foot of my chair. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. I love your hutch and your dishes too. So pretty!

  10. We are on the hunt for a new/old hutch for our kitchen, and my blue and white china collection.

    We just can't find one we like. The one we have now is just an old dresser with a bookshelf screwed to the top. It's going into my sewing room to hold my doll collection.

    Anyways, when I saw your first pic with the blue hutch,I thought yes that's exactly the one I want. I even thought,yes I could paint it blue too, as yours is lovely. Then when I read the rest of your post I found you had changed it. While I loved the blue one, the white looks lovely too. Love your gorgeous collection. xx

  11. Love the hutch makeover!! And your dishes are so pretty too!!

  12. Good for Bentley! He can come join Sadie and chase the squirrels in our yard. ;-)
    Your little hutch looks really nice in its new white coat. I think it's fun to have pieces that follow you from place to place and hold all your special treasures.

  13. The new look is really lovely - so fresh, and it allows things to really stand out. The little figure tying shoes looks familiar. Is it Danish?

  14. I love your hutch and all the pretties inside. Love the little girl...:)
    When I clicked on your link at Smiling Sally, it took me to a "this page not found." In looking at the address of the link, it appears it has 2 l's in the HTML code...(htmll). Not sure that is the trouble or not. Just wanted you to know...:))

  15. Susan, the hutch came out spectacular! Aren't you glad you redid it? It looks great with all your treasures. I have an old pie safe that I moved to my bedroom-and am thinking about painting it. Yours may be the thing to tip the scale for me. What a great redo!

  16. Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues. I must admit, your blue and white collection pop with the change of paint.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  17. Your chian hutch is very beautiful! I also love all your special blue china pieces, especially the Lladro girl! Happy Blue Monday!

  18. The hutch is lovely! I envy (sinful) the blue and white china!

  19. Looks awesome, love the hutch and dishes! Have a Happy 4th!

  20. As a huge blue fan, I love it :)

  21. So pretty. I love blue and white together. Nice job.

  22. Your newly painted hutch is now so fresh and fantastic! I'm a big fan of the blue/white china. :-) Sue

  23. Hi, I love your cabinet. I collect blue and white also. Working on a cabinet now to display most of them together. : ) I'd love if you'd share this beauty at my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party. Have a good week.

  24. ciao che bel mobile quante cose belle!!!!i vostri cottege sono stupendi.. qui solo mattoni il mio sogno è avere un cottege chissà se un giorno il mio sogno si averera baci e di nuovo complimenti che Dio vi benedica baci lu...

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

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