Saturday, June 30, 2012

Favorite Vacation Spot

When it comes to vacations, there are always two things I need to keep in mind:

Source: via Clint on Pinterest

Golf for my husband
Scenic beauty and preferably a great beach for me.
Bandon by the Sea, Oregon ~ a perfect spot for quite walks along the beach.

While David is playing golf, Bentley and I can walk for miles along an 
unspoiled beach.  There is a tiny little person on that beach in the pic.  The
place is larger than life and is absolute heaven.

I am happy on the Oregon coast if the weather is sunny and mild or stormy.
For some reason, I really feel at peace here.

Although ...

There is also Carmel, California with it's storybook cottages and dog
friendly attitude.  You know that I never, ever go anywhere without
Bentley!  Lots of woofing always going on in Carmel.

And it is close by to the Mecca of Golf ~

Source: via Bobby on Pinterest

Pebble Beach.

The list goes on ~ The Williamsburg Inn, Congressional in Bethesda MD, 
River Oaks in Houston and I have not even started on the best place on earth for
golf and for me ~ the United Kingdom.

Have you noticed a theme here?  Every vacation David and I take MUST
 include a golf destination.  I knew this going into our marriage and I 
entered into the bargain.  So far it's been working quite nicely for 23 years!
My best buddy Robin The Decorating Tennis Girl and I plan to go on 
vacation together with our hubbies one day.  You all know where the men will be.
But then, Robin will be playing tennis and I will be riding off into the
sunset on the back of a horse with Bentley as my saddle mate.


Favorites on the First (Alison and I both love the ponies)

Bentley ~ do you think your Daddy plays too much golf?  Should
you be riding in the cart the next time he plays???

Susan and Bentley


  1. Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous, just like I'm looking at a travel brochure. I'm driving up to Oregon tomorrow for a 2 week working vacation. Not sure if we'll get to the coast this time, but it's on my list. Enjoy your week with the holiday right in the middle.

  2. AWESOME...just AWESOME photos.
    When you and the Decorating Tennis Girl go on vacation together, would you kindly stop over at West Texas, pick me up and let Mr. Sweet go along with the guys for golf? While she plays tennis, you and Bentley ride off into the sunset, I will prowl all the thrift stores around.
    Please and thank you!!
    xo bj

  3. The orgeon coast looks much like the coast of Maine on the more eastern end.
    Huband plays golf only now and then Pool is his game of choice.
    have a nice vacation.

  4. Stunning shots of the Oregon coast, Susan. We visited there many years ago and I remember how peaceful and serene it was.
    Have you ever vacationed/golfed in Normandy?
    We have great beaches and wonderful golf courses too!

  5. I've always wanted to go the the beaches in Oregon, I know folks who have vacationed there and they love it! I can just see little Bentley in his argile socks & old fashioned golf pants! I think he's want his mom in the cart too though! Have a wonderful day!

  6. No golfers here but yes to the lovely beaches!

  7. Susan, no golfers here, but we do love to visit the west coast. Your shots of the Oregon coast make me want to book a flight asap. And we absolutely love Carmel. Would love to be there during the heat of our TX summers. ;-)

  8. The area around Carmel is just beautiful - and as you said, dog friendly. Love your pictures of the Oregon coast too - We are moving to CA in a few months and I hope to make a visit to Oregon very soon. Ann

  9. Your photos are gorgeous. I love Carmel :)

  10. Thanks for visitng Slice of Pie and following me. I've enjoyed your beautiful post ... and will follow you back.

  11. No golf here either, but we do love beaches. I've never been to Carmel, but that storybook cottage sure makes me want to head that way and beat our Texas heat!!!

  12. Hi Susan, Your photos are just beautiful and really do justice to Oregon and Carmel. No golf here but lots of antiquing so both places fit right in for great vacation spots. Being from the coast, I would rather spend time in the Willamette Valley but Captain enjoys going back to the coast. Happy Sunday.. And Buddy is glad to hear Bentley is enjoying vacation time too..Judy

  13. Wow!, this is really neat and beautiful place, I definitely will check it out. Love it, it makes you feel calm and when you feel boring just packed your things and go for a vacation in there. :)
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  14. Looks like a beautiful place! Happy 4th to you and your family!

  15. What an amazing place! So happy Bentley got to go too.

    - The Tablescaper

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