Thursday, May 19, 2016

Healing Heartache

Sometimes life can be very hard.  Unfortunately, not everyone is
nice and there are some who will hurt you because they want something
you have or perhaps just because they can.  It happens to most of us
at one time or another.  Knowing that it happens never makes it any
easier when you are the victim.  

It's fairly common to withdraw after a heartache, to retreat into
a space that feels safe and secure and to avoid the possibility of
being hurt once again.  Doing just that is fine for a while.  
Curling up at home with the covers over your head will work for
a while, but sooner or later one must face the world once again.

I have spent my time at home curled up under the covers.

I have healed my wounds.

My heart has stopped aching.

I am ready to come out of my safe place ...

and face the world once again .... 

yet being careful, because ....

once bitten, twice shy.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You have a delightful collection of hearts and of roses. Even the Bible warns us to stay away from angry people lest their anger be contagious to us. As you said, once bitten twice shy. Protect your tender heart.

  2. Susan I am sorry you even had to be in that place. Three weeks ago today my husband had a 10 hour surgery. We were very, very, very lucky and the prognosis is very good. What hurts is I have ALWAYS helped other people - presents - cards - meals etc. etc. etc. What gets me so upset is nothing was done for him. Family in another State couldn't even send a card. Susan I am in that place now and I also want to pull the covers over my head but I can't because he still needs help. I have learned a very hard lesson and it will be a cold day in hell that I help any of these people.

  3. You go girl! Life has its ups and downs and unfortunately, sweet people like you get taken advantage of. I don't know how any body could ever possible hurt you intentionally or even unintionally. Sorry to say, most of these hurtful people know what they are doing when they do it. Keep your chin held high and conquer the world. I know you can!

    Love ya,

  4. Susan, I had something going on in my life a few months ago too. Besides my own problems, my family and friends behaved so badly. I was lied about (which they finally admitted to) and betrayed by my best friend. No matter what happens in the future I don't think I will ever fully trust those involved again. I had to do a lot of soul searching and realized that it's just me and my Lord at the end of the day. People can be so very cruel and especially when you need them in your corner. I am recovering from the event but not without set backs once in a while. I too want to cover my head until it all passes but that doesn't get me anywhere. My experience was very eye opening. At 66 years old, I guess you're never too old to still learn about people and how very hurtful they can be when you need their support the most. Susan, I understand what life can throw you. Catch the good and let the bad pass on by. I wish you well with your recovery, it does get better but for me, my experience changed who I am.

    1. Well said!!" I fully agree! Just keep truckin and let God light the way!!

  5. Susan, experiencing hurt and pain is most difficult to work through. Withdrawing is a natural reaction.,.glad to hear you are ready to face the world again! Blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. Susan, I am so glad you are ready. I too take time to heal, but once I have had enough of myself, I get out there and interact with people with a smile on my face. I usually find out that someone is going though a lot harder time that I was and really, really needed a smile. To take your first steps out in the open, just put on a smile. It is magic. Please also know that you daily give all of us who read you a smile. What a gift you have. You are very special. Embrace the special you and have some fun with a smile.

  7. Sending hugs for happy you are ready to venture out into the world again. I agree with Miss Barbara...a smile is indeed magical. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle!

  8. Beautiful flowers and teacups, and your words are so sweet and humble.


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