Thursday, May 26, 2016

I Am Running Away to Paris

I have a split personality ~ half of me is a full fledged
Anglophile, but the artistic and romantic soul of me is
a Francophile.  I woke up this morning in one of my
French moods.  This happens to me periodically and
when it does, I immerse myself in all things Francaise.

I am pulling out all my French books from college, and, 
at the moment I am sitting in my kitchen drinking
cafe au last with the soundtrack from the movie 
French Kiss playing in the background.  Pretty soon
the Edith Piaf CDs will come out. 

The French Cookbooks will come out ~ probably while the the movie
Julie and Julia is playing in the background, followed by 
Something's Gotta Give.  I might have to put on a pot of
French Onion Soup too ;-)

Of course, I can't really run away to Paris today.  I am having
a dinner party at my house on Saturday night.  Maybe I can run
away on Sunday ~ no come to think of it I need to update my
passport.  That will take a few days ... 

In the meantime, maybe David and I will head to Houston to 
have brunch or dinner at Cafe Rabelais.  One of my favorite 
French cafes and it's right in West University, my favorite area
of town.  

I can't fly off to Paris just yet ~ c'est dommage.  Maybe soon 
mon petit Bentley, and mama will take you with me because in
Paris ~ dogs are welcome!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Ha, I need to renew my passport too. I'd love to spend the weekend in Paris. Wouldn't it be nice to just jet over for a long weekend every month? Love the cute pillow! Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Sounds like you are celebrating!

  2. We could meet in Paris, Tx!! lol


  3. Susan you and David should get a few couples to do this in France!


    Just looks so fun but not sure of Airbnb myself... A fun idea in dreamsville anyway!! 😊 Robin your NYC blog reader

  4. This all sounds heavenly Susan! I love it!!!

  5. I LOVE the grand hotel doggie pillow! I'd love to get one for my daughter who has 5 ..yep....FIVE!!! Scotties. Where on earth did you find it?
    I really enjoy reading your blog.


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